Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Trend: Be Uneven

There are times when uneven is bad...
think hair cuts

or art hanging on the walls.  An uneven hem line is never a good thing.  My husband had uneven length legs and that only caused hip problems.

but in scrapbooking, uneven seems to be the thing.  It seems to be about random, mismatched, free and funky.

Uneven is hard for me.  But, I am always open for change.  I decided to add some uneven to my latest layout.

Now, not everything is uneven.  I can't live without straight lines!  The triangles may be placed randomly, but those linear edges make it okay.  The uneven on this layout comes in the form of rip lines along the bottom of my photo.  The way my pictures tilt.  Even the way the elements stick out at uneven lengths alond the side of the photo.  I get that it adds movement and interest.

I used the Persnickety collection from Lily Bee for this layout.  Love this collection!  I admit that the layout looked almost too structured without this torn edge.  It filled in the space nicely and broke up the title.

I do like how the You sticker juts out a bit.  Uneven can work for me.  As long as it doesn't involve pant legs or curtains....


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