Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday's Musing: The Family is Growing

When I stop and think about my family, I am awestruck.

I have six siblings....5 sisters and a brother.  Three on my mom's side and 3 from my biological father.  For most of my life, I knew only three.  Three beautiful women I grew up with.  Sisters who wrote all over my dolls, who cuddled with me, sisters who loved donuts and board games.  Sisters who would do anything for me, anything...

This past year, I knew three more.  Wonderful people with open hearts...they have been so warm and welcoming.  We have shared memories too...laughs about purple dresses, giggles when watching reality TV, commonalities discovered that are inborn.

I am the oldest of everyone...

I am an auntie several times over...4 nieces and 4 nephews.  I witnessed three of their births.  Had to say a too-soon goodbye to one superman who was needed in heaven.  I have seen them grow from babies to young women.  It blows my mind.  

This year, I met another niece...spunky Riley who reminds me of Ella.  There is a nephew I can't wait to meet in person one day...he is a Broncos fan already?  And now, there is a new brother Chris and his wife Cynthia welcomed beautiful Logan into the world this past weekend.

It was quite a treat to get a call from hear the joy in their voices first hand.  It made my heart beam with happiness. 

I am lucky to be surrounded by so much happiness and so many blessings. 

I am thrilled that my children have so many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Here are Ella and Riley...enjoying a sunny August day.  Together.

I look forward to watching my neices and nephews grow...

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  1. I always wanted a big family. I envy you, you are blessed indeed my friend!


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