Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Trending: Bold Colors

I really think clothes and scrapbooking go together for me sometimes.  I am loving brights...royal blue, purple and well as jewel tones.  Bold colors, a statement necklace.  I love to see how colors are being combined these days.

I am attracted to the same types of colors on scrapbooking pages.  Even traditional colors need a bold pop of something. Like an outfit built of neutrals paired with leopard shoes.

I need the pop lately.  It was easy to find it on this page...

Yellow gives me that pop...especially that big Meet Me in the Sunshine border.  It totally brought me to summer days in Chicago, hanging with great friends. 
I love this little globe and all the cut stickers from the newest Amy Tan collection.

My story...goes with the whole theme!
Life is too short to not be bold!!

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  1. Love you and this layout! I feel like I need to autograph it or something... ;oP


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