Saturday, November 17, 2012

Small Moments

Every year I try to take out my camera and capture the small moments behind all the major events. Most of the time, I have difficulty deciding what to shoot and what to skip.  It hinders me and sometimes I just avoid my camera.

Other times, I get those moments.  I capture the smile that really counts or the look that means so much.  I don't think it is is just about having the camera and the motivation to use it.

I caught Ella last year...the moment she realized the fire truck Santa was coming.  I love the point and then the look.

I used the Royal Christmas collection by Webster's Pages to make this layout.

I struggled when making this....started over like five times.  The paper is great and the photos are cute.  I just couldn't make it all pop.  The secret was adding the soft patterned paper under the photos as well as the bold green.  I used hand cut artisan shapes to add texture, but not color.  The stars sorta look like a bottle of happiness fell over.  I didn't intend for that, but I will take it.

I am glad this came together.  The moment when a five year old spots Santa is magical.  I'm thrilled I caught it.

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