Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Weeks

Steve and I can't get over how busy our weeks have become since spring sports have started.  The kiddos are playing in two different baseball leagues so that means double the practices and games.  Mix that with physical therapy, dance and a busy end of the school year....and panic sinks in.

I find myself forgetting things often...thank goodness for Siri.  I have a new best friend who loves to help me make notes and reminders.

It is awesome to see your child approach something like playing on a sports team.  Will she be shy?  Will his skills improve?  How will they interact with the team and the coaches?  You work so hard as parents when they are babies and toddlers.  This is why.  They have to learn to deal with new changes and roll with things.

Both kids are doing awesome!  Mommy and Daddy might need an extra pick me up, but this too shall pass.

Speaking of a busy season, dance is almost over for the year.  We love our dance is Ella's third year.  I made this layout to document the routine of it all...4:30 class every Monday.

I used the new Teresa Collins line...Sweet Afternoon.  It is being carried at Two Peas right now so go and get it.  I adore this color palatte and the patterns.  This collection is swoon-worthy.

It works awesome for all types of styles.  I like to create layouts that document the time or dates...those little details you might otherwise forget!

and we all know I am forgetting quite a bit this busy season...


  1. It's so joli ! I love the soft colors you used !

  2. congrats Stacey!! I feel your pain in regards to keeping up with the kids. Hang in there.:)


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