Sunday, May 6, 2012

At Home: Feeling Nostaglic

Sunday morning...sitting at the computer, having coffee. My kids are happily enjoying toys and cartoons.  Steve is sleeping in a bit.  It is Ella's family party today so I have a million things to do.

But I want to stop for a minute and enjoy the sentimental feelings I am having.  Nathan is on my mind.  I keep looking at him because he suddenly seems so grown up.  Tall, handsome.  He is a very sensitive boy and gets emotional a lot.  I see him trying to "lock it down" as we like to call it.  Our key words to get him to stop and think. It's okay to cry over big things, but not over the fact a Lego set won't work right.  He is beginning to really be able to stop himself.

It is crazy because I want him to gain some maturity.  He can be silly and goofy...not always listen.  It is true typical boy stuff.  But I want him to mature.  Then I stop and think about what I am saying.  Mature... but that means he has to keep growing up.  Shouldn't I celebrate the boy in him and embrace his youth?  I should.  Because he is growing up so fast and this time with him as a little guy is flying by.

I adore his smile, his spirit, his heart, how deeply he thinks about things.  He is an amazing artist, a not-so-good baseball player.  Even though he fights with Ella a lot, boy...does he defend her when she is in potential trouble.  I see a fierce loyalty.  It makes me soo thrilled.

How could I not love this face?

I used the new Teresa Collins Everyday Moments collection for that navy blue and all the sentiments on the die-cuts.  Perfect for capturing your feelings.

and I have soo many feelings about Nathan.  My beautiful son.


  1. This is GORGEOUS Stacey! I loveeeeeeeee that photo, the colors and loving the pennants!!

  2. I love thie layout !!! so cute ...

  3. As always your layout it awesome! Your son sounds a lot like my oldest son...enjoy every single moment with him....he will be grown before you are ready for it!

  4. Love this peek inside your heart Stacey. So proud of you for stopping to drink in the moment before all they busyness of the day ushered it away. N is a pretty handsome boy indeed, with a terribly sweet smile. I see a lot of Steve in him. Glad to hear he's growing up in his own time.


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