Friday, May 11, 2012

It has been a Girl Land kinda week

It started off last week with the Father Daughter dance.  A girl's night dinner tonight where I shared laughs with good friends.  Extra snuggles with my babies as I really they are growing fast.

And, the new Girl Land collection from Websters!  I have a couple of projects to share with you over the next few days...including this coupon book I made as a Mother's Day gift.  I used the papers from the Girl Land collection to whip it up...easy to make and a special, meaningful gift.

I created a traditional matchbook album...but gave it a twist...a cutout window!  It adds some cool dimension and presents a surprise when the book is opened.

This is what it looks like opened...see the cutout and how the yellow circle is popped up and through a bit!

The intro card let's Nana know what this album is all about!

I cut one of the sheets of paper into these awesome square motifs and put coupons on the back.

I purposefully chose motifs that matched meaningful traditions or moments.  Like this one:

 I love homemade gifts, especially when you have a Nana that has everything! 

For instructions on how to make this book, head over to the Creating Keepsakes Blog.  It is featured there as a part of the Girl Land celebration!

I have a bit of a surprise for you today over at the Webster's pages blog...get a glimpse of what I love about being a girl! 

And don't laugh...LOL!


Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a fabulous day!


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