Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Trending: Just Keep Adding

Just keep adding, just keep adding...yes, I want you to repeat it in the same song-like pattern as Dorrie from Finding Nemo.  Sometimes it is hard to come up with titles for the blog posts...

Yet, just keep adding is my personal trend.  How to make a 12 X 12 look slightly different, slightly unique.  Because there are only so many ways to make a page.  So lately, it is still clean...but with extras.

Like the ric rac that I hung as garland.  The garland trick I have done before, but the material to create it is different, slightly unique.  I had the plan to use the garland to hang my title.  I love little alphabet letters, but don't like how ungrounded they can look.  So they must hang!  That was still not quite I had to hang more ric rac for interest.  Just keep adding.

When the basic design was done and I decided on the garland, I added the pinwheel sticker and the buttons.  All those layers seem to balance out the photos.

I used the June Grab Bag from My Scrapbook Nook featuring Simple Stories and Jillibean.  The Grab Bag is sold in addition to the coordinating is actually the size of a small kit!  I love both items!!!  Here is the kit!

Pam just keeps adding is her monthly special!

We only have 5 grab bags left for May. So here it is-the next five people who join will receive the May kit and a free June kit! You will also receive a free grab bag for May and June!!!! After one year paid in the club you will receive another kit for free!!!! This deals gives you $110.00 plus dollars free. This is the first time we are running this special and only have 5 May grab bags left.

So what are you doing later to just keep adding or just to it fresh in share!



  1. LOVE this. seriously you did a great job with this and the ric rac garland is genius!

  2. So fun!!! LOVING those photos and love love love the ric-rac!!!

  3. LOL, that's exactly what I always tell myself! LOVE your page, it has more details but is still soooo you!


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