Sunday, May 13, 2012

At Home: Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day...a time when the kids bring me poems they wrote at school and serve me breakfast in bed, when Steve gives me the day off.  Nathan was soo excited to make today special.  He wrote me a poem and one of the lines read "you're a beautiful star."  Gosh, who doesn't want to hear that.

I feel very lucky today to have this beautiful family. This unit that holds all my hopes, dreams, fears and love.  These people have enhanced my life more than I ever thought possible and my gratitude today is huge!

The kids and I looked through their baby scrapbooks today.  I read them all my journaling and we giggled like crazy.  Nathan could spend the entire day doing that...he is so loyal and loving. We found photos of people passed and felt lucky to have those moments recorded.  Nathan asked Steve and I to see our scrapbooks from when we were babies.  Steve explained that we don't have those...that is what makes it so special that they do. 

That is why I scrap.  Forget the teams, the collections, the embellishments.  It is the stories.  Those things even I had forgotten until I read them.

and while every day get busy and I lose my cool....while we sometimes forget to share how deep our feelings is obvious how loved my kids are when you look at those books.  It is obvious how much I love them and how they have changed me.

I hope you are having wonderful moments deserve them!!

Be sure to come by tomorrow as Webster's is having a blog hop with lots of giveaways!!

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