Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Behind the Page: Peek-a-Boo

This month the design team over at Webster's Pages had the joy of scraplifting Jen Jockish!  She is an amazing scrapbooker and sees through unique eyes...her designs are undeniably hers! 

I am a bit of her opposite...my lines are straight, the holes in my buttons need to face a certain direction and things need to have a clear purpose on my pages.  It was liberating to let that go and create under a different set of rules!  I tilted, I layered...

...and I played peek-a-boo.  In Jen style, I tucked elements under other elements, even though it blocked the view or a word.

I liked how it looks!  The page is still me because I can't tilt everything and totally let go.  But it is influenced. 

Notice the half butterfly, half underneath the tag that you can't read all the way.  And the Love tag peeking out with the other things in the cluster! Some of you might be giggling at me...but I don't  usually do that...I would anaylze that for an hour...LOL!

I used the Everyday Poetry line to create this page!

The page celebrates my love for vignettes and groupings all throughout my home!  I love to mix antiques with Target finds with photos.  I move these around quite frequently!

This page was fun to make...it was entertaining to look for odds and ends and play a bit of peek-a-boo.


  1. still very much you. I love the clusters of goodies. it's always great to shake things up once in a while... you never know what will stick as your new "thing"

  2. Great page! Love everything about it!

  3. I love your clustering, you did great ! Play again ! Want to see more like this !

  4. Love your style very much hugs Amy :)


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