Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Behind the Page: Write on the Lines

Many scrappers are afraid of journaling...they don't like their handwriting or don't consider themselves strong writers.  Honestly, it doesn't have to be about those things.  It can be just about the stories that need to be told.  Expressing yourself in words along with glue and photos can be powerful.

One barrier involves journaling placement.  I am an avid journaler on my layouts, but I sometimes struggle with the placement.  Then...there are times when the lines are simply there, begging to be written on.

Take this collection by Amy Tan.  The chevron...it is a perfect place to tell a story.

I love those boy/girl signs and knew they needed to be featured.  I went with a horizontal line and added the scrolled mirror and saying.  Since the design was so simple, I didn't know where to put the journaling. 
The journaling was key though...it needed to be there.  This layout is about where Steve and I might retire someday.  It is a conversation we have had a couple of times lately. 
Those zig zags called out to me so I went with it.  It might look a bit messy, but I like it anyway.
I encourage my kiddos to sometimes color outside the lines.  Other times, staying within them works too. 


  1. I think it looks AWESOME. It really grabs the eye! Simple yet so effective!

  2. Love how your journaling came out! and your style is fab!!


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