Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday's Musings: On the Mend

Turning forty a couple of years ago forced me to look closely at my fitness and health habits.  I decided to stop complaining and begin doing.  I went on quite a journey with fitness and changesd many habits.  As of March, I felt strong, I was in the best shape of my life.

April hit and with only five more P90X2 workouts left, my body shut down.  It had enough.  I didn't really listen and tried to continue working out.  Not enough rest, bad posture and a stressful end of the school year caused a perfect storm.

I had to stop working out.  As in, even walking caused pain.  I listened and went to the doctor, chiropractor and finally, PT.

After time and hard work, I would say that I am on the mend.  Some days, up at 99%.  Other days, pain is still present.  I can see the end of it though.  I am visualizing being strong again.  I have learned that I can simply maintain now.  Fitness can occur without pushing like I am a world class athlete.

It has been a long summer, especially in the beginning when I was in constant pain.  It effects mood.  I couldn't get any projects done.  Through it, Steve has been understanding. Hour and a half long therapy sessions twice a week and he has supported me. 

I want to get back to being the old me again, fit, happy, strong.  I just plan to get there with a bit more moderation now.  I want to be the best me, pain free.  He will help me get there.

I used the Park Drive collection from Webster's Pages to create this layout.  Super pretty stuff!

I believe in the power of positive the power of love...I have visualized the future.

New, happy heights it will be.


  1. Yep, that turning 40 thing has totally thrown me for a loop as well. You are just gorgeous, and I love the pic of the two of you. Great layout, of course. :)

  2. I'm turning 50 and have been thinking about lifestyle and fitness changes. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. I'm so sorry you have been in pain and going through so much Stacey! I loveeeeee your lo!! GORGEOUS photo and love love love the balloon!!!!

  4. Glad to hear that the physio is working out. Love your positive attitude. You are a lucky gal to have such support and love of your guy. Beautiful layout and great picture of Steve and yourself.:)

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