Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Tip: Ground that Title

I love titlework...the right fonts, mixed sizes, the correct placement...titles can make or break a page.

I usually know where my title is going as I am designing.  Those days when I am not sure, I struggle about where to put it at the end.

One of my favorite techniques is to place the title on the opposite corner of the page, away from the photo.  The only issue is that is can sometimes appear to be floating.  So, I ground it.

There are many ways to ground a title.  On this layout, I used paper strips above and below the words.  It's a great way to add pattern to a page too!  I also used different buttons all around to draw attention to the words.

This layout uses a mix of Bella Blvd.  I love how their colors all go really stretches the stash!  I am also a sucker for their alpha stickers!

Along with a title, I also like to include other, related words on every page.  To achieve  that, I created this cluster.

I am loving just playing and having fun with paper right now.  A loosening of the rules, yet remembering that grounding helps a page feel cohesive!


  1. Cute photo and an adorable layout to showcase it! I love title work too. I really enjoyed reading the post. TFS!


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