Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Farewell: I will miss it

So the news hit a few weeks ago that My Scrapbook Nook was closing its doors.  This special place has been my home for the past four years.  I served 8 consecutive design team terms there.  That is after Leah gave this newbie a chance back in 2008.

I remember trying for so long to make a kit club team.  It was heartbreaking to get rejected over and over again.  I found the Nook and was so welcomed by everyone.  I decided to try again.  There was so much competition. 

I remember a funny story...I was on the boards reading about how emails for the short list were being sent.  I waited.  Checked.  Checked again.  I did not get one.  Totally bummed does not describe it.  But then...I saw my name on the short list up on the boards.  Oops...that was the first heart attack Leah gave me! 

The next one would involve a happy invitation to join the team.  She saw talent in me, embraced my work, encouraged me and spoke kind words.  She gave me a chance in an industry that seemed to have closed doors.  So many opportunities have come since and I owe much of my success to my time at the Nook.

The community has been amazing.  In an industry that can be full of drama, we took a different route.  We built each other up and supported each other.  It is like having your own cheerleading squad, rooting for you even when you don't believe in yourself.  I will miss the dear friends I have made.  I know we will stay in touch in other places...but it stills feel weird.  It is like moving to a new town. Some of my favorite moments involve welcoming the new girls on to the design team be a part of that excitement and then to build relationships...great feeling. 

The Nook will be open until the end of September and Pam (who has been so generous and wonderful to work for) has a great kit planned.  I have designed with the beautiful August kit featuring Carta last kit.  Here is my tribute to the Nook.

I view my time at the Nook a true blessing.  It was a place that helped me through rough times, celebrated each joy and pushed me to achieve my goals.  I will miss it more that words can say.


  1. Oh Stacey your post made me cry. I know how hard it is for most of us to hear this news since the Nook has been our online home for a long time.

    I am also blessed to have known and worked with you at the Nook for 3 years. We have encountered it all at the Nook, toots, deaths, newborn, love stories, and ordinary life but still we all have each other's back for years, we have our friends.

  2. The Nook really is a wonderful, special place and I am so thankful that it has brought so many of us together. I still remember when you tried for the team that first time and loved the time that we were able to spend on the team for a while. I will miss it but also owe a lot of my success in the industry to my time at the Nook. I am glad that with other places I can still keep track of you :)

  3. Made me cry too, Stacey. What a wonderful post and your layout is beautiful :)

  4. Stacey such a beautiful heartfelt post. It has been a great four years and I have loved being along as you blossomed in the scrapping world. It truly is a special community that will be missed. Such a gorgeous layout to document the time there.:)

  5. made me cry and was so eloquent and beautiful stacey, you are beautiful inside and out! your layout is gorgeous and such a gorgeous farewell

  6. Stacey darling you make my eyes go all watery!

    I ti will miss eh Nook and the amazing community there! <3

  7. What a beautiful journey you have been with the Nook! Your story is precious and what a GREAT way to treasure your Nook time in a beautiful layout! Love!

  8. Your layout and heartfelt words are just beautiful!

  9. I don't know what it is with me today, this is the second time a layout makes me cry. I love what you wrote and it's so true. I'm so going to miss this community and am so blessed to have been part of it.
    Big hug! :):):)

  10. Love to read this but it also makes me a tiny bit sad ♥

  11. Stacey...! This post made me cry (as I see it did a lot of other people, too). So beautifully written - and I agree with you in everything.

    Your LO is absolutely breathtaking and such a lovely tribute to "our home".

    The Nook is special. Always will be. Just like you.

    Lots of love and friendship, always!


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