Friday, August 10, 2012

Nothing Like Home

We had an amazing week...

Hanging out with my brother Chris, his wife, Cynthia and my niece, Riley was so much fun.  Easy, good connections...many things in common.  He cooked us a fabulous meal and we just all hit it off.

Washington, DC was fabulous.  I loved the amount of learning that took place.  Culture everywhere, facts and nonfiction abound.  It was funny how much we relied on Nathan, our 7 year old, to give us direction.  He could name the different buildings when we couldn't figure out the map.  We walked for miles and shared a great experience together.

But it is good to be home.  To wake up in your own bed and have that cup of coffee.  Even to mow the lawn or do laundry.  Our home is our haven.

I did this layout recently for a challenge by Courtney Walsh.  I just finished her second book, A Sweethaven Homecoming, and it was awesome.  There were many themes involving "home".

I had this photo of our green chair via Instagram.  I kept wanting to scrap tell the story of its importance.  This challenge by Courtney was perfect!  Here is why this chair means so much:

Can you tell that I love these Bingo cards in Teresa's new Vintage Finds line.  This collection is so amazing!  I can't stop using it!  I am digging 8.5 X 11 lately!

Home involves the things that are found on the inside, but it is more about a feeling.  It is about the stories that the walls and hallways have to share. 

We are so happy to be home.


  1. Beautiful Stacey! so touching! It looked liked you had such a great trip!! But I agree, there's no place like home. ✿

  2. Love the story behind the chair, so great that you scrapped it. And welcome home my friend!

  3. love the idea of scrapping about home and special items in our lives


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