Sunday, October 2, 2011

At Home: Cars 2 Party

Oh, what a weekend!  We had Nathan's friend party yesterday...10 boys.  Ages 5-7. 

He asked me for a Cars 2 theme and after searching the web and pinning away...I made some plans!  I truly enjoy putting on fun parties for my kiddos.  I sometimes can't spoil them during a regular work day.  I would love to be able to greet them after school with a homemade snack...but it doesn't happen in my life.  So elaborate parties it is!

Here is what the day looked like!

At Flo's Cafe for snacks:

At Luigi's having a bean bag toss into a tire!

At the race track...

I think he really liked it all!

Happy birthday dear Nathan!


  1. Hey! Happy Birthday Stacey! If I remember correctly today (10/2) is your birthday. I remember becasue we share the same birthday. Hope you day was great!

  2. This is beyond fantastic girl - love the cardboard-cars and the kids look like they had the time of their life!


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