Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Musings: Building Them Up

So how do you build them up all while teaching them right from wrong?  How do you discipline and teach, yet not have them feel bad about themselves?  My two kids are great overall...well-mannered, helpful, and hard working.  But they still find themselves in trouble.  Nathan needs two reminders on the bus or he throws a glass bottle into the recycling bin and misses...sending glass everywhere.  Ella fights for my attention so much that she will blatantly ignore my requests to "wait one second please".  When they earn that consequence you told them that they would get, they start to say things like..."I am a terrible kid.  I can't do anything right."

Steve and I have never said anything like that to them.  The rational side of me knows that is their way of avoiding the situation and playing on our sympathy.  But I want to ensure that they are getting the lesson in a way that builds them up.  Parenting is so hard.

She is my best friend most moments.  I find that if I hug her and shower her with kisses, she is more willing to be cooperative.  I just think that she wants my attention...good or bad.  So I am trying to use that on her.  If I give good attention, she rises up.  I had a long talk with her tonight about being strong-willed.  We talked about how it is a good thing, but sometimes...she needs to give up that will and just listen.  Because there is much to be learned from others. 

She sure tries to bat those eyelashes...

(Supplies:  Teresa Collins World Traveler paper, die-cuts, Webster's Pages flower, Maya Road metal charm)

I want her to realize it is her inner spirit that matters the most. Her brain is her most powerful tool.

I want both of them to know how special they are.  Even when they make mistakes.  It is all the process of learning.


  1. gorgeous page and beautiful pics and have a fabulous week ahead!

  2. beautifully said stacey! Such a wonderful post and I can so relate. Your layout is stunning! I do love everything about it but I have to say that red is so rich! Love, love, love it!:)

  3. Wow - what a beautiful layout!
    I can totally relate to your post too... I think however hard we try as parents, its so easy to think we get something not quite right!

  4. Oh my. I can certainly identify with what you're going through. Sigh, parenting....loooove the layout!

  5. You are such a great mama! I have no doubt your kids are going to continue to grow up being amazing individuals. LOVE this layout. That photo is just too stinking cute.. filled with all kinds of trouble... ;)


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