Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday: Trending

So I mentioned a while back that I want to add more structure to the blog.  I am going to try to add in some regular features.  Sunday At Home, Monday's Musings, Thursday:  Trending, and  Behind the Page post.  I have grand plans...LOL.  It is all in the implementation!

The topic of trending doesn't necessary have to mean "trend," like a fad.  Instead, I see is as what is getting attention, what is hot, what is catching my attention in a new way.  And how can that be incorporated into my crafting. 

One trend I have seen lately and have certainly engaged in is using little strips of paper instead of focusing on big blocks.  I made a move to this type of scrapping in an effort to shake things up and make my work more interesting.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I am creating the same layout over and over.  It gets boring and I feel stuck.  So I like to move in a different direction.

I took the concept of strips and moved them away from the edges to the middle of the page.  I also went vertical instead of horizontal.  It shook things up just enough.

I used Crate Paper's Random here.  Gosh, I love Crate.  They had me at chipboard!  That orange and raspberry together...yummo!

A trend I can't get enough of is clouds...I adore them.  They added a final touch here!

I like the strips.  I like the vertical orientation.  The white space. 

What has caught your attention lately?  I would love to see!

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  1. beautiful page Stacey and lovely pics of your DD. Love the strips of papers used.


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