Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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When I think back to my scrappy style just two years ago, I would have called myself clean and linear.  I had to have straight lines.  As in the kind you measure to ensure they are perfectly straight and level.  I always added something to give it a pop, but at some point, it started to feel static. 

The whole concept of free, artsy, and scattered has really taken off lately.  Even in fashion, I see so much mixing of color and pattern.  Unexpected shoes or a sweater you wouldn't think works!  I love it...but I am not sure I can do it.

I can only go so far away from linear so you won't see too much tilt or messiness on my pages.  I do want movement and interest though. Bottom line...on a 12 X 12 space that has been done a million times, how do you do something unique?  For me, I have been adding in a bit of randomness.  A bit of scatter.  I still need my button holes to line up vertically or horizontally, but I can now move outside of the box.

Case in point...

Those stars are hard for me to do...random, scattered.  But I do like the feel they give the page!

To add even more movement, a circle near my title.  Because this title starts with Once Upon A Time.

I have so many Disney pictures and think the Winter Fairy Tales line from Webster's really works with them!  The whole dream a dream, fairies and once upon a time thing...but in a random, unexpected way!

So if I start to try some of this freedom stuff with scrappy pages, do you think it will translate to a better sense of fashion?

Or do I leave that to Pinterest!?


  1. love the green Stacey and cute pics!

  2. i cannot angle a photo like that....just does against every ounce of me!!! lol...i also cannot add the sections away from the main part of the layout ( does that make sense?) i love how you do that!


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