Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday's Musings...

well, they have to be on Tuesday because I had no computer on Sunday or Monday!  Can you say major virsus?  It put me in a panic...the thought of no pinning, no Photoshop, no blogging made me crazy.  But, I digress!

What I really want to reflect upon is the concept of friends.  Friends who see right through you, friends who have your back, friends you can trust to tell you the good and the bad.  Good friends are hard to come by.  And I am one who is totally and completely guilty of not keeping up with my friendships on a regular enough basis.  Life just gets busy.  I get tired.  I mean to call, mean to check in more, mean to call this one or that one for coffee.  But it doesn't get done.

Thank goodness for Facebook and email.  Thank goodness for online communities and trips to Chicago.  Although I may need to make improvements in the friendship communication area, I really do appreciate my friends.  I know that I am surrounded by wonderful women who raise me up when I need it.  They give me the hard truth and allow me to expose myself.

This page is about a particular friend.  A mentor.  The first to give me a break in this industry.  She is my biggest cheerleader, personally and professionally.  She represents many friends who I cherish!

I used the Jillibean Soup Sweet and Sour collection...this collection rocks!  I also added some other Jillibean goodies and random stuff from my stash!

Today, I am thankful for all of my friends...near, far, those made in childhood, those just found.  I am truly blessed...


  1. Oh I love her too!!! Love this so much Stacey. :)

  2. love this page, love the white space and lovely pics!

  3. your layout is so well executed Stacey!! Love every detail! Friends are the essence of life :)

  4. I love this page design! Awesome work! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, Stacey. You totally made my day. I am so blessed to have a friend like you! You are a constant inspiration to me.

  6. Another wonderful page Stacey! So glad to see you do a layout about your mentor. Sharing your story at the Nook had such a wonderful impact on so many. Thanks for being such an inspiration!:)


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