Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday's Musings

I find myself stopping lately.
Right in the middle of a moment.
To tell myself to freeze it and live in it for a few minutes.
To look around as if I am watching from somewhere else.
and to be grateful.

It is pretty cool and helps me to appreciate how many blessings I have...

I am feeling very self-reflective lately. 

Proud of the goals I have set this past year and how I have achieved them.  I pledged to push the reset button at work and I have.  I have told myself to develop some consistency and I have.  I wanted to be a better mom...more getting down on their level, sharing hugs and telling them the good stuff. I have and will...

I have a few things to focus on.  Things that are big...
but I believe I can do it. 

Once lost, I feel found.

Calls for a layout...

I used the October kit from My Scrapbook Nook featuring My Mind's Eye...beautiful kit, beautiful collection!  I love the little touches of bling!  I found inspiration in the strip that has the collection's name on it.  Instantly knew that I had to do this layout!

It is as important to step back and think about your hard work, celebrate it...as it is to do the work!

There are many more musings to come!


  1. beautiful Stacey, lovely pics of yours and I love the way you put the p/papers...like sleeping banners and just so cool! TFS

  2. So stunning and absolutely UNIQUE!! I'm always blown away with each every one of your posts!

  3. oh I love this! The style is unique! Do you mind if I borrow this idea?


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