Sunday, November 20, 2011

At Home: Eclectic Details

I think decorating your home should incorporate the same design elements  you use when scrapping.  I am by no means an interior decorator, but I think my scrappy eye helps when it is time to make a room look finished.  It is about grouping common elements, layering, making sure there is a pop of color and a touch of texture.

Last week, I shared my living room.  Today, I share the details.  I have had so much fun treasure shopping in my own house.  And so much fun shopping in my mother-in-law's storage unit!  A trip to the Elephant Trunk in New Milford helped me to add in those vintage pieces I was yearning for!

My mantle! I had these frames in my dining room in the old house. When we moved in, I decided to layer them on the mantle and finish it off with the iron star! I love that chandelier even though I have bumped my head on it 9 million times.

This Pottery Barn pillow inspired the color scheme that runs throughout my entire home!  I adore it!  It is a bit bold in the room, but I think every room should have an unexpected.

This room was pretty empty until my mother-in-law donated her huntboard.  It is so pretty and works great in multiple places around the space.  I love to change out the top decorations to match the season.  I keep a set of jars that I fill with a variety of things to fit the holiday/season.  Think Pottery Barn, but I got mine at Home Goods for a 1/3 of the price. 

I have to show you this very cool, antique notepad.  It was sent to me by Anabelle O'Malley...she was antiquing one day and came across it!  What a nice surprise to open the package and find this!  It even has my middle initial.  She is the sweetest!

I also have a clustering of vintage books and bowls mixed in with random things I already owned.  I love the layered look.

On my coffe table, which is actually an antique trunk, I have some books and this awesome bird cage adds interest and some height.  I think that the trunk is too short for the couch, but I am okay with that.  I don't think it is about having the perfect pieces, just interesting ones. 

Here are some groupings.  I have had this bookcase came from the unfinished wood store and I painted/distressed it.  I have grouped some vintage cameras and clocks.  The shelves are really made for tall items like stereo systems so I needed to fill the space up.  Using old mirrors or small prints will do the trick.

Old books, photographs and art can add so much to a room, regardless of how much of a budget you have!  I will be changing the formation of this room around soon to fit the winter season.  I will share when it is all done!

Happy Sunday...hope you have a beautiful cozy day in the place you call home.


  1. Love these home decor posts! Keep 'em coming!

  2. such beautiful spaces..and the notebook from Anabelle is gogeous! how you've displayed it :) Gx

  3. Wow, you definitely have an eye for detail!! See it in your home and LO's:) xx

  4. I'm so inspired!! Love everything you shared! And I adore how you displayed the notepad! Such a great idea! :)


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