Saturday, November 19, 2011

Behind the Page: Is it too Boring?

Sometimes you have a great idea.  There is a visual in your mind.  You have awesome supplies.  You build and think, " needs something."  You fiddle and putter.  It gets better.

Sometimes you have the, "Ahh, that's better!"  Sometimes you have the, "Ohhh, that is so it!"  Sometimes you it still boring.

I could be talking about a presentation at work, my fashion sense, a party I planned or parenting.  Today, I wonder this about this page:

Is it boring?  I love this line by Bella Blvd...that red paper and the calendar grid!  Love it!  I love the title that is built with numbers.  I wanted to use the grid in a fun way and came up with the idea of putting a numeral in each box to create a random and big number.  I added the striped strip along the top of the calendar.  It was blank there before.  Then I put my journaling there. However, the layout didn't flow that way.  I covered up the journaling with the strip and moved it underneath.  Now, I feel like my eye travels around  naturally.

But I am still not sold!

I suppose that will happen.  There will be humps in your creativitiy.  Their will be wondering.  Maybe that is what causes a creative shift.  The good kind where you follow it with a project you just adore.

The one thing that makes me smile about this layout is the story behind it.  It seems so simple to get a picture of my dog with a frisbie.  But there is a great background story there.  It is as if that frisbie is his security blanket.  One day, this layout will make us giggle and reminisce about how this crazy dog strategically dropped it in the path of the lawn mover so Steve would have to stop and throw it.  How it was so gross to touch that thing. How he would nudge you over and over and give that shrill bark until you gave in.  How he made us throw it a million times. And how much we wish we could be able to throw it one more time.

And suddenly, the page doesn't seem so boring to me. 


  1. Stace, I think it looks great. I made a page this week using some of that calendar paper (a different calendar, though) and added some patterned paper to some of the squares. I like how you added the numbers to go across. It is true that our styles change, I know that mine has changed so much over the last year. Yo have a great style and always know how to combine different elements in a clean, graphic kind of way.

  2. Super duper cute! I just made a pet page with this line! Love it! :)

  3. Great page and great story behind it Stacey!

  4. i think it looks great stacey! i did a page ages ago, that had this same sort of title, with the long number. i think it was something like "reason #274,382". fun way to use some number stickers!


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