Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

This Wednesday...

I made this in the crock pot:

BBQ Pulled Pork that starts out cooking in root beer...yum!  My kids even gobbled this down!

I am adoring this! 

Like I would love for 30 boxes of globes to show up at my doorstep so I could use them.  I would even build bookshelves to make them work:

I am wearing this:

Except my shirt is blue/gray plaid and my sweater was gray...comfy and cute!

And I am inspired by this little sneak peek:

Webster's Pages...coming soon!  Um...can you say kites and clouds!!!!

Happy Weds....the weekend is almost here!


  1. Isn't that pulled pork SO good? We made that very same recipe on Sunday and my kids loved it, my husband couldn't eat enough of it.

  2. We also enjoy pulled pork. That is something that we brought back from our trip to America, a love of pulled pork. My husband has become quite good at making it and the kids adore it.

  3. Love the globes! I think the shelves are IKEAs Expedit, though - so you don't have to build them. ;)

    Best part is that 12x12' papers fit inside them. :)


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