Sunday, November 6, 2011

Super You

I wish I had super powers this past week.  I would have granted my many friends and family members heat and light to help them get through the storm.  I would have helped people I don't even know who needed shelter, food or company.

This week took super skills...endurance, patience, nerves of steel.  A thick, heavy cape certainly helped as well...if only to provide some warmth.  Many people in my state still need super powers, 9 days later.  I am not sure how they are sane.  Some people are looking at two weeks without electricity.

This week took super workers...the Kentucky crew who got our power back on.  I can't be mad at them for the fact that it took a week.  They were just here to help.  After working for four hours and restoring our power, they drove away in a line, their bright lights blazing.  And I could have kissed each one of them. The higher-ups over at CT Light and Power should put up their force fields because they are facing angry mobs.  Good will truimph.

This week required super heroes.  I have many in my life.  My children will always be well cared for, no matter what.  Family is great!  My husband is amazing.  He worked overtime to ensure we were warm and safe.

In the spirit of super, here is my daughter, wearing her Halloween costume.  Unfortunately, my city and much of my state didn't have "Halloween" this year.  It took super powers for the kids to get over that one!  I did happen to catch my daughter in her costume the week before so at least I have photos! 

I used the All About Me collection from Webster's Pages to make this layout!  I lifted Stephanie Garbett's work as she serves as our super November Guest Designer!  Be sure to come to Inspire Me and check out her work!  We also have some great challenges going on!

Loving those super Princess Petals...the pop of navy adds so much!

I hope you have a super night!


  1. I am glad you are back up and running again! I loveeeeeeeee that lo!! I loveeeeeeeee her ADORABLE pose and loveeeeee the colors! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. So glad you have electricity again! You are amazing. I think I would have flipped my lid after day one. You are a super woman yourself. Love the layout. :)

  3. So thankful you have electricity again! And such a great attitude about the whole experience!

  4. WONDEFUL layout - love the setup and the colors! And what a SUPERcute girl :)


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