Sunday, November 13, 2011

At Home: Living Room

I have really enjoyed moving and having the chance to start over in a new home.  It has meant new paint colors and decorating.  I love when you work hard on a space and it comes together nicely.  Being creative at home is just as fun as being creative in scrapbooking.

This is our favorite room on a Sunday morning!  After I crawl out of bed, I will come down and find my husband sitting in the recliner with the fire going.  It just has an air of relaxation!  There is no TV, just books, newpapers and a radio!

I love many of the features of the room including the big picture window, the stone wall and that awesome mantle.  Again, I can't take credit as my mother-in-law picked that baby out!  It was the very first thing I decorated when we moved in.  This is the room that houses most of my antique collectibles.

The couch and chairs were new purchases and the rest has been collected over time.  This couch.  I love the lines of it...but the fabric.  When I saw it in the store, it was brownish-gold.  When it arrived in this room and stood next to the old paint color, it was green.  And I hated it!  So I took a trip to my local Benjamin Moore paint dealer and explained my issue!  The color expert told me a tan with a green undertone would take care of it...she was so right!  It is the couch I wanted now!

It is the room we all head to when we cut screen time or when we have company.  The thought was for it to be warm, cozy and welcoming.

It has it's autumn formation now!  I like to switch the furniture around for the season!  I will be back next week to share some details.

So tell me, which room is your go to room and do you change the furniture around to fit the season!??

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  1. One of these days I want to come sit with you in that room! You are an expert decorator my dear. My go to room? The living room. I truly enjoy lounging on the coach with the family watching a favorite tv show or movie together.


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