Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Musings: Not to be Taken For Granted

This past spring we said goodbye to our beloved cat, Roxy.  She had been in my life for 15 years.  Overall, she was damn good to me!  I think back on those years and know that for a period of time, I neglected her.  She was fed and got a night time snuggle...the basics were there, of course.  But she was no longer my fur baby like in the past.  I had other babies occupying my lap and demanding my time.  She was well treated for...but there was a natural shift.  I had the chance to spend a ton of time with Roxy the last couple of weeks of her life and I think I made up for it.  She died one happy kitty.

Losing a pet made me appreciate my other ones even more.  Every time I walk by our dog in a rush and notice THAT look...the "Please, belly rub.  Please...I will do anything." look, I now stop.  I make it a point to brush my other cat every night.  She actually stalks me each evening around 8:00 looking for that attention.  These little critters are members of our household.  They have taught our children about kindness, how to care for another and about the concepts of life and death.  Our dog was our first baby together as a couple.  He represents family, home, hobby and our american dream.

Both of our furry friends are on the elderly side.  They are both so loved by all of us!  And so follows the layout!  Here is our gentle giant!

I love how regal he looks, how strong and handsome!  Yet, still quite goofy with the ball at his feet.

Supplies:  Paper: Chipboard, Stickers:  Bella Blvd.

He is the most loyal friend.  He knows all our secrets and loves us anyway!  Our pets round out our lives...and for them, I am grateful!


  1. Love love love this layout Stacy. So happy and bright!

  2. He is a very handsome doggy!
    Love this layout. The colors are gorgeous and the little pet's statistics card is to cute.

  3. Love this post. Makes me want to go cuddle our dog :-) Or make a layout about her!


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