Tuesday, November 1, 2011

At Home: What day is it?

Well, our Halloween snow storm has caused havoc! We have been without power for two days. This means no heat. It was down to 46 degrees yesterday morning. I was able to take the kids to my sister's house where it is warm. We have been able to ge a generator and have some space heaters.

Our area is nuts. You can't get to gas stations and there are downed trees everywhere. Mu town even cancelled Halloween.

So unfortunately, we are living in a parallel universe. One with no blogs or photoshop or tv. One with layers, books and your imagination. One where you go out of your way to help others.

It doesn't sound so bad when you look at it. I just wish it was warmer here...


  1. (((hugs Stace))) Stay warm! Thinking of you!

  2. Wow! Hope things are back to normal for you soon!

  3. Oh wow! That sounds terrible. I hope that things are back on track soon. Long power outages are so annoying!

  4. Hope it gets cleared up soon and some normalcy returns. Stay warm and safe. hugs

  5. Oh wow, I couldn't imagine. It normally happens here, too. Love your creations.

  6. prettypapersprettyribbonsNovember 2, 2011 at 4:47 PM

    it was heartwarming to see you put a positive twist on the situation!

  7. Oh Stacey, so sorry to hear you were affected. Thinking of you, and sending warm wishes. Sounds like you might just be finding the upside to the forced unplugging of all things electronic!

  8. Oh wow!! stay warm and hope things get back to normal soon. Hugz, Steph


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