Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eight more days summer vacation.  I can feel it, taste it...I need it!  Hard to see so many Facebook posts of those who have started summer.  But I will persevere, hang tough.  It is only a matter of days.

We are hoping this vacation is full of family time...I know the pool will play a huge role in that. A trip to Washington, DC, beach outings and my annual trek to Chicago.  It looks promising!

I created this layout to celebrate vacations.  I take so many photos of day trips or week long adventures and then get too overwhelmed to scrap them.  Bad habit that I want to change.

So here is my start.

I used the Palm Beach collection by Webster's to make this layout.  I love that yellow chevron.  Since I am a themed gal....I started a brain flow.  Ships equal sails.  Sails equal triangles.  I must use triangles.  Because when I first laid this page was boring.  When faced with a boring page, just give the mind a few minutes.  And it will come. 

I decided to tilt my titlework a bit too to go with the idea that Nathan used a bunch of wood blocks to build a ship.  He had criss crosses, diagonals and X. 

Eight more days and hopefully I will do a lot more imagination-flinging with my scrappy things!  There are vacation photos to be used.


  1. This is soooooo fun!! LOVING the colors, the photos and LOVING that title!!!!

  2. LOVE your title work and cut-work, this is incredible stacey!

  3. This is gorgeous, Stacey! You're coming to DC? We should meet up for coffee!

  4. Your layout are always stunning. ( I too am counting the days until the summer break!)


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