Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday's Musings: That Safety

Nothing like the safety of your father's arms.  The fact that you know he will be there for you no matter what.  I have known unconditional love a few times in life, and one of the first sources was from my dad.  A man who worked hard to earn a little girl's trust...a girl who was already scared at a far too young age.  I opened up and got to the run-to-your-arms-and-spin-around-with-your-daddy moments.

Ella has those moments all the time with Steven.  No fear, no time, no moment when it clicked.  It was always there.  She adores him and he feels the same.  He will teach her what to search for in a man.  That is weighty.  But I am glad it is him doing that.

I am in the phase of life where I see my nieces starting to have boyfriends.  That young love phase where you just believe.  I think they have good sense.  I know they have good parents.  I guess you bring em up right and hope they hold onto it all when it counts.  I have the need to steer Ella in the right direction.

The love of her daddy is the first step.

I used the Sweet Afternoon collection by Teresa Collins for this layout...I adore this stuff!  Look at those colors and the patterns.  Lovely...

I created this cluster using die-cuts and chipboard and stamps.  The metal trinket is from the Fabrications line.

I am so thankful for these pictures.  The first example of a man treated her right.  The strongest example of a man there is....besides my dad.


  1. Such a striking layout! Love this so much! :D

  2. gorgeous layout! the soft colours :) x

  3. Such precious photos and a beautiful layout Stacey! Love all the layers and cluster embellies. :)


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