Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Trending: Fun

Fun as in more tilted elements, not having so much balance, deciding there don't have to be so many rules.  One of the biggest design rules I have used throughout the years involves grounding the elements of a page.  No floaters or random out-lyers.

Yet, look at many of the most popular and trendy pages at places like Pinterest and you will see fun and free.  Elements that are scattered and random.  The rules are a changing.

I can go with that. 

Here is a recent layout I made using Bella Bella.

So most things are grounded...but there is tilt and lots of fun elements.  It is a start, right?

I love long titles these days!  I adore these photos too...some of my favorites from this past Easter.

So trending for stuff!


  1. I love that you're letting go of your rules a bit lately!

  2. It's a great start Stacey. I hope you discover the joy in the freedom of letting loose :)

  3. What a fantastic layout!!! Super fun!!! :D

  4. It's such fun to let go of some of our habits. LOVE your layout!

  5. yeah and it totally works with your style to stacey, i loooove this!

  6. Trend or no are a super creative chica who's got it going on! Love this layout and the photos are adorable! I'm finally getting back to the blogging scene...I've missed ya! Hope you have a great weekend! -Lisa


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