Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life is Good

I have been thinking about it

It is good.  Steven and I have ideal hours.  We have a ton of family time together.  We have enough to live happy lives.  Our house is just the right size.  Our kids are healthy and happy.

We are surrounded by friends and family.  It is good.

I think my kids would say their life is good too.  Just look at Nathan in these pictures and it appears as though he agrees.

I used the June kit from the Nook to create this... the kit keeps going and going.  Really.  It is jammed pack and happy!  I wanted to have some fun on this layout so I created the twine sunrays.  Easy to do with some glue and some shaping.

Life is good.  In three days, it will get better.  Summer is just about here!


  1. Way to be so positive, love it! I also really love the twine sunrays, very cute!

  2. beautiful! Good use of twine!

  3. Amazing layout Stacey!!And the photos are so adorable!!
    I'm happy to see your positive outlook on life! :-) Take care!

  4. Love your's true that we should step back and be reminded of how good we really have it :)
    And the layout? Just adorable! I too love how you did that twine...looks so cute under the clouds and sun. Sweet photos!


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