Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday's Musings: Sisters

I have five sisters.  Three who have been in my life for the duration and two I have recently connected with...I am a lucky girl.  Because a sister gets you.  Understands you.  Resembles you and respects you.

My sisters and I took this photo recently and I love the natural interaction.  The easy giggles and the knowing looks.  This is us laughing and having fun.

But we have gone through much more.  We have known the worst heartbreak together with the loss of our beloved Baby James.  We literally held onto each other that week.  As we all progress through this life, there is no judgement...just support. 

I am glad we know happier times too...

I love triangles lately and just cut a bunch to lay out this pattern.  I used the Fabrications line by Teresa Collins to make this layout!

The journaling, which sums up my sisters and I.

It is funny because it has taken time to have that sisterly thing with my sisters.  There is a major age difference.  We grew into it.  I am hoping the same continues to happen with those I haven't lived with my whole life.

Becauses sisters are forever.


  1. I loved this line when I saw it during reveal. Sadly, I don't my LSS will get it in. Love what you've done with it though. I've always wanted a sister, all these years later I feel just as strongly about it.


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