Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday What: Kraft

It has been a while since I touched my Kraft.  With all the solids and small patterns that companies are making, I haven't needed it much!  But sometimes it is called for...busy patterned paper needs something to stew on.  Something to simmer next to.

So, hello Kraft.  I have missed you.  I created the page below using the Nook June kit featuring Simple Stories.  This paper line is great!  I cut the chevron in a different way because I liked the shape of it!

This page came together quickly as I simply layered the journaling cards and put the chevron on top.  I added some simple simple pieces and I was done.

I think there is enough pattern in the stripes to give the layout the oomph.  I didn't want to compete with it.

I made this layout to record my son's teeth...big choppers he has.  We recently needed to have some teeth out and are looking toward braces.  It cracks me up when kid's teeth are too big for their faces.  This photo sure does exaggerate that.  His wife will laugh one day.  In a good way of course.

Isn't the kit fun?  Look at the alphabets and the colors...and there are so many elements I didn't use here!  Be sure to grab one!

I will grab my Kraft and go...


  1. Lovely!
    I adore the new simple stories line. Especially missed with kraft!

  2. Clean and simple and stunning!! Love the chevron, awesome design!

  3. You + kraft, how I've missed you, lol. You, my dear are the one who turned me on to kraft, I use to be so afraid of it, but thanks to you I use it quite frequently now. Thank you Miss Stacey!


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