Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not Quite Sure

Ever make something you are not quite sure you like?

You love the product, adore the photo, like the elements, but there is something...

Happened to me recently.

Usually, I push and pull until it works. But, I just decided to let this one be.  I also decided to just share it anyway.  Why not, its just paper?

I do adore this photo of my daughter and my niece Samantha!  It was taken on Easter and they look adorable.

I went back to a more matted background.  I used that lovely chevron.  I layered and varied, but...

Sometimes it takes time for things to grow on you, right?

Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh I hate that feeling. So glad you shared...this is adorable! Love the layering and details!

  2. I think it's cute! LOVE the pink chevron paper, too.

  3. I think it is gorgeous. I too have that feeling (nearly always!). Nearly my layouts grow on me!

  4. absolutely love this layout and so happy you decided to share. (do know what you mean though, card was sacrificed last night....giggle)

  5. This page is so cute. I like it as it is... but I know that feeling... TFS

  6. Cute layout love the chevron background :)

  7. that's adorable!!!! but i know the feeling all too well ;) it's a great page, but it's a bit different from your usual style and maybe that's why it has to grow on you.


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