Sunday, February 12, 2012

At Home: Ella's Room

This was the first room I redid in this house.  We were still living with my in-laws, which meant Steve and I were set up in the basement.  The kids had their rooms though.  I needed to dig in and personalize one room!  Ella was the winner, mainly because the color in the room orginally was a deep green, perfect for a masculine office.  Not so good for a little girl's room!

The space is large and gets a lot of light.  I knew I wanted green walls just like her old room!  Mix that with pink and yellow and I had my color pallette.  Today I am sharing the main room from all different angles.  Details will come in the next couple of weeks.

We have our kid's mattresses on the floor still.  They were falling out of their beds every now and then so it was easier.  I begged Auntie Sara to get Ella the tulle netting for her birthday.  It is from Pottery Barn and costs an amount I would have a hard time spending.  Thanks Sara!

We have her play tent set up...if it were up to me, it wouldn't be.  But we do have to live in our space... The mirror has a backstory.  It was created for the Martha Stewart show...a friend of mine used to work for her.  They were showing how you can use moldings and trim to make your own.  She let me have it....a coat of paint and it is a beauty.

I tried to create little zones...the bed zone, a play area.  And I layered from there.

This is a little nook for her to color or draw!  The shelves are from Pottery Barn, but my mother in law had bought them at a tag sale!  They were silver, but again, paint is magical!

I love to decorate the litte spaces like the top of her armoire.  That rocking horse was a gift from Nana when she was just a baby!  I will never get rid of charming!

This is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  I love to walk in and see her enjoying one of the nooks...

I have to admit that I have the bug to decorate and garden...I think it is the weather.  Spring, get here soon!

I will be back to share details and cost effective ways to decorate the space!


  1. I wish you lived closer so I could get decorating odes from you!! You are VERY talented!!

  2. Wowwwwwwwww! Her room is GORGEOUS! I wanna live there!

  3. I agree green isnt a nice colour for a little girl, but i love what you did with the rest of the room to co-ordinate it! xx

  4. Girl that room is absolutely magical!


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