Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's Musings: You Really Don't Know What You're Made Off

Sometimes, you just don't know what you are made of until a challenge presents itself.  I think it can be an unexpected change at work, a tragedy (unfortunately), a once in a lifetime opportunity you never expected.  Once the challenge is clear, you have to decide how to handle it.  Do you go into it screaming  and ripping your hair out or do you fight it? Do you go in with your guard up or you embrace and leap?

I am bringing this subject up because of the layout I am sharing.  I will show you three beautiful baby boys...triplets to be exact.  A miracle and gift some thought would never happen.  And, never in any thinking, was there a belief that the luck would be multiplied by three.

But sometimes, God knows and he grants. Things outside of the realm of possibility suddenly become our reality.  So, my long time best friend, the career and spontaneous welcomed these three loves into her life just over a year ago.

She is forever changed because of it.  She thrives in motherhood.  I see her come alive when she talks about them.  Who knew that she would undergo such a completely radical change in lifestyle and blossom in a new way because of it? We have talked many times about how it is such a gift to have three little guys running around.  Three cowboys who will experience everything together.

I am facing one of these types of challenges.  A great opportunity to be part of a family in a new way and to heal so many wounds.  I am going to embrace it and leap! 

Because sometimes you don't know what you are made of until you let go and let God.


  1. what a humble and tender post. you do such a great job of allowing us a peek into your life stacey, with all it's ups and downs. you inspire me. i look forward with great anticipation with you as you take that leap.


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