Sunday, February 5, 2012

Laugh More

I am commonly in the stern mommy role.  I think it is a carry over from school.  Plus, my kids have a tendency to gang up on me and almost pretend I am not there.  Stern mommy does not like that.  Lately, I am trying to banish stern mommy a bit.  I am trying to laugh with them more frequently.

Like today, when they brought me my phone with the Toca Boca is an app where you get to be the hairdresser to an avatar.  They let me know that they made me...and proceeded to show me a bald chick.  They roared like it was the funniest joke ever.  So, we laughed together.  I want to do that as much as possible.

Because my little babies are growing up fast.  Nathan actually cares about the Super Bowl this year.  And Ella understands things she shouldn't...dynamics, relationships, nuances.  I wonder how they will view me...what memories I am building for them. 

As they get older, they will go forward more frequently, break away, explore. makes me want to slow time down!

They will go on their own journeys...

My Ella is a free spirit, much more adventurous and outgoing than Nathan.  He has an amazing spirit...he just loves quiet, simple things...much like his father.

I caught these photos last weekend and they are perfect with the new Feb. kit from My Scrapbook Nook featuring October Afternoon!  Love the blues and earth tones in this collection.  The wooden buttons in the kit are fabulous!

My two babies...growing up. They are taking notice and I want to show them the best me.

Not always stern mommy.

Because I want them to always journey back to me.


  1. I love this and can totally keeping it all going I feel like I'm more "business than party" all the time with our girls and hope I am dedicating as much time to laughter and quiet times as I am to making sure we are all doing what needs to be done. Happy days to the Michauds!

  2. Now that my boys are grown, looking back, I fear I was the "Stern Mommy" way too often. Keep enjoying the journey cuz you blink and they will be grown.

  3. Hi! I am glad our apps can make you all laugh! :)


    Paulina, Community Manager @ Toca Boca


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