Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Polar Opposite

I am a bit of a routined scrapper.  I am attracted to the same basic configuration of things including paper placement, photo clusters and embellishment spots.  I am most drawn to two photos, overlapping with one on a tilt.  I usually start right there when I am beginning a page.  I never sketch or plan, I just go.

Recently, I grabbed two photos of my daughter and grouped them.  And then I stopped myself.  Boring, I think I said out loud.  Predictable.  Do you want everything to look exactly the same? It is so static. (yes, these are the rants that occur in the head sometimes.)

I decided to put my photos on opposite sides of my layout.  Whoa...huge risk for me.  Some of you may be giggling at me.  But I am a linear girl.  I usually love predictable.

Here is what I created.

When I made the decision to have my photos be on opposite ends, I knew I still needed to ground things...connect them.  It wouldn't feel right otherwise.  So I brought in the garland.  The curves add a bit of movement (ha, not so static now!).  And they lead the eye from one photo to another. 

Then I added other details.  I wanted one of the photos to be the focal point so I clustered the embellishments in the lower corner.  Did you notice these are outside of my rectangle.  How about that for stepping out of the box?!

All products are from Pebbles, Inc.  I used the Fresh Goods line for this...I am so in love with that collection!

I ended with some repeating elements like the Kraft and blue flower.  One sits on each side of the page, going with the opposite theme.

I ended up being really comfortable with the polar opposite approach.  Maybe I will try it again!


  1. What a wonderful result. Good for you to step out and explore a little, I bet it felt exhilarating to break your own rules.

  2. Gorgeous! It's always fun, and a bit scary, to work outside of ones comfort zone, but you sure did a great job with it :) Have a happy tuesday, sweetie!

  3. I love it Stace! And even though you changed it up a little, it still looks very "you". ;)

  4. I think it looks amazing! You did a beautiful job with the Pebbles products :)


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