Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good Family Times

We had such a good day yesterday...Ella and me.  We hung out.  She scrapped her own page and told her first story on paper.  I spoke all day with a quiet and patient voice.  She was helpful and loving.

Today, when I got home from being out all day, I walked into a moment of Steve and the kids playing hide and seek.  You could tell they had been playing for a while...counting and secret signals were happening.  And I giggle out loud. 

Happy kids.  I love it.  It means the world to me.  They don't always have to be happy, especially when they make the wrong choices.  I know they won't be happy during times of loss.  But they will always be grounded in love.

I guess a long weekend free of stress and full of hockey games, date nights and warm days helps create good family times.

I want those times to go on and on.  I want our kids to love each other as much as we love them.  Hence, this memory captured...they might fight and bicker.  But there is love under that.

The story behind this page:

 They are pretty super. 


  1. Those moments are so very sweet.

    What a beautiful page, too, Stace.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. You seem to have such a lovely family!

    Beautiful layout! Like the punched out hearts. Adds great dimension. And I just LOVE your title choice. Sooo perfect for those photos :-) Clever!

  3. Really sweet layout :) The title was perfect, and I love the design. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. oh my goodness, those photos are so darling. you always have such wonderful shots of your kids loving each other. what a true blessing that is for each of them. you and steve are rocking this parenting thing by the looks of it :)

  5. Gorgeous page Stacey!! Love the colors & the design!

  6. gorgeous page Stacey! love the design and sweet photo too Gx

  7. what sweet photos, love the clean look to your page

  8. I love this. Those pictures are priceless and there are so many awesome Elements on here.

  9. Beautiful layout and tout title is my fave.

    You sure have a great pair of kiddos! :D


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