Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Trending: Breaking the Rules

I love CHA time because all the new trends hit!  It is always intriguing to see what motif, what shape and what color combo will make a splash! 

Along with the new products, I adore seeing all the beautiful work from designers around the world as they strive to show off the goodies.  One thing I am noticing is the breaking of the rules.  The visual triangle is no longer the priority.  Instead, there is a real freedom in what is being created.  I think it has something to do with the emphasis on mixed media.  People are just expressing their art, letting go.

I don't do that well...LOL!  I can't help my straight lines, but am I boring?

I was excited to see that a girl who breaks rules all the time is the Feb. guest designer for Webster's Pages.  You all know her...Leslie Ashe!  She uses layers like nobody's business.  There is tilt here, there and everywhere.  I admire her risk-taking!  So, I went a bit free...

Yes, you will see straight lines, but there is curve and uneveness.

I love this line by Webster's....Sunday Picnic.  That rainbow makes me swoon.  Many of the DT girls have used it in different ways so I was a bit shy.  But I decided to put my own spin on it!  I cut mine apart to give it more texture.  I like how it goes right to and from the photo.  This is my free.

My breaking the rules.  Let's see how much of a trend it will become for me...


  1. Stace, this looks SO good! I love it when you try new things because they always turn out amazing.

  2. what a great page - love how they're all clustered on top of the rainbow

  3. Love love love love this Stacey! LOVING the pennants as a rainbow and that photo is ADORABLE!

  4. Straight lines can never get boring! Love your layout!

  5. AMazing. Love your approach of trying new things but you still stay true to yourself! Stunning layout!

  6. Oh my!
    This is a gorgeous layout, girl.
    I love the little rainbow.

  7. Hi-new follower here, from the Pebbles blog! Cute layout!

  8. Fabulous! I can still see you in it, even if you are breaking the rules :-) I don't think I am ever going to give up the straight lines. Maybe that's the engineer in me being too attached... I am tempted to try but I always end up straightening things up before I adhere them *LOL*

    But you Stacey, you did a great job going outside your comfort zone! Love, love, love the rainbow!


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