Monday, December 29, 2008

Enjoying a Cup

Ahh, vacation. I am sitting here, typing, enjoying a cup of coffee with no real worries. Yes, I need to clean out my kid's drawers and change the kitty litter, but those things can wait. I feel relaxed. Just started Twilight and I am in love with Bella and Edward. Like seriously, the chemistry jumps off the pages. Yes, I know that I am like a year behind jumping on this bandwagon, but better late than never!

I have been creating a bunch. I have never dove into a kit quite like the Jan. one from The Nook! I really am enjoying the Webster's Pages papers and trims! And I have been creating for the Memory Makers calls. It has been so long since I submitted, mostly because I hate having to hold my stuff from being seen. But, I love the topic of this call and it is making me scrap some difficult things like I have been thinking about for a while. Hopefully, I won't be able to share for a while! LOL! The big Pink Paislee decision will be made soon! Gosh, it would be a dream come true. I am sure that like 6,000 people have tried out. But a girl can dream right???

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Surprise!

What a Christmas!

The kids really loved every minute and ended up with some gifts that were suprise hits! Nathan received a train that he adores, and who knew that my two year old daughter could walk in heels. Her plastic, fancy Snow White heels that is! I surprised Steve with Guitar Hero and he has been obsessively playing for days now. I got a surprise too, but will keep that one to myself! I realized this Christmas that I have always loved this holiday. It brings back such good family memories. No matter how shaky it could have been growing up, Christmas was happy. My parents always went out of their way to make it special. I really want to build those same memories for my two. I found myself looking around at all of my blessings and feeling pretty lucky. Now, if only I could slow down enough to just enjoy it!

Speaking of suprises, we received a huge one on Christmas day. My sister handed my mom a frame and told me to get my camera ready. Well, this photo came next.

After getting the shot, I asked, "What is it?", thinking that they were sending her on a cruise. Or maybe they had a family portrait taken, without me. Which made me mad for 2.5 seconds. Then she turned the photo around to show an ultrasound picture! My sister, Michelle, is 4 months along and is expecting a boy to add to her family of two girls. It was totally unexpected and the room just exploded in laughter, yelling, tears and jumping around. What a moment!

Well, I am now on vacation for 12 days and I have been scrapping a bunch! Here is a layout I just did using the Jan. kit from The Nook! LOVE this kit! Don't forget that there is a design team call--you should check it out because it is an awesome place to design for! This layout is about Steve and I going to Burlington, VT. I hope we continue to make it a tradition! Let's pray that we go back there until we are old and gray!

Whew, sorry for the super post! Guess I had a lot to share! Hope you have a fantastic day!

Monday, December 22, 2008

12 Days!

Vacation is almost here and let's hope that these two get along like this over the course of those 12 days. Because when it is not "happy and smiles", it is "pulling your hair, hitting, screaming, and whining". LOL! I am so thrilled to have been able to capture these photos! They look so happy, don't they? I was happy to scrap them using the January kit from The Nook. Sigh! This kit is just amazing. Really, I am in love with the Webster's Pages and had no idea how much I love this product! I have hand-cut my little heart out and have made some of my favorite layouts!

The journaling on this reads: Daddy and I have the honor of watching you two grow. We often look at each other and smile. We can't get over how close you have become-the bond that you have formed. There is real love and affection. It grows every day just as our love for you does. 2008

Last day of work tomorrow and then the fun begins! (I hope...)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Making Christmas cards maybe? Buried under reports and paperwork at school? Lost in the confusion that is my house? Or all of the above! It has been a busy week and I was really feeling it on Thursday. But after making some headway with wrapping presents and having a snow day on Friday, I am better. I can't believe Christmas is only 5 days away! It went by so fast! Since I am in the Christmas spirit, I will let you in on a way that you can win $150 worth of scrappy stuff. Just follow the link here and be prepared to be awed. Wouldn't it be nice??? I also wanted to let you know that the Jan. kit from The Nook is just amazing! I have been playing and will post some stuff soon!

I hope you are all having a nice weekend!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Showing Appreciation!

As we get closer to the holiday and the New Year, I find myself thinking about all those people who are important to me, everyone who plays a role in my life. Most of these people live within reach. I see them on a consistent basis. But some are spread all around. I have contact with them on the computer---like my sisters over at ScrapStreet, the ladies from The Nook, the women from Two Peas! This past week, I was charged to do a layout about wishes that have come true. It is the new challenge that is up over at the So Tell Me Your Story blog. I decided to focus on the scrapbooking part of my life and use this photo of the ScrapStreet girls and me at CHA last year.

All the perks of ScrapStreet are awesome! But the real draw is the community. They support, comfort, redirect and care. This layout is about achieving some of my scrappy goals, but even more, it is about how I got on an airplane by myself. I flew to meet people I hadn't met before. How I jumped into a new situation feet first. Maybe because I knew that there would be people there to guide me! The journaling reads: I dreamed of designing & writing for a scrapbooking magazine, going to CHA--all dreams I held inside. Then, I found ScrapStreet. Best part--I met them.

It really is the best part!

Speaking of So Tell Me Your Story, my time with the Design Team has come to an end. Wow! Six months went by so fast! I truly appreciate the opportunity that Lucy gave me to be a part of the team. I have loved creating the all about me layouts! Thanks Lucy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekend, Whew!!

So happy it is the weekend, although it is going to be a busy one! I am in one of the crazy phases at work too and just need to get through the next few days. It might mean that I need to put my scrappy stuff down a bit...Sigh! I have been creating a bunch the past few days, but can't share yet.

Here is a little gift idea I came up with. I had this vision of altering a candle and my hubbie walked in one day with a Yankee candle in the glass jar. Perfect! I ended up making this cute little "apron" to cover the bottom. It is easy to do. Just decide on your papers and focal embellishment, and start putting them together. As I went to wrap mine around the candle, I realized that I was short. It is bigger than 12 inches around. Made me think about creating a tie in the back! I used eyelets and ribbon to solve my problem. I accidentally came up with the apron concept. I love it because I didn't actually have to adhere anything to the glass. It can be removable so once the season is over and if I still have some candle left, I can just take it off!

I used the Dec. Kit from The Nook to make this! A bunch of very cool die-cuts come with the kit. I have found them easy to use, allowing for all sorts of projects and cards!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

I woke up today feeling pretty icky--sore throat, stuffy, you know how it goes. After being awake for a bit, I feel somewhat better. But I can just feel it, brewing. Waiting for me to push too hard. And I am definitely one to push too hard. Oh well, at least this layout makes me happy. I love Urban Prairie soo much. The colors rock. I layered with a bunch of the stickers and papers. I decorated my daughter's room in the same color scheme! The Ki Paper is very cool. I feel like making placemats with them. I was trying to get a Christmas card photo on Thanksgiving and caught these pictures. They are sweet, sometimes.

Speaking of sweet, I had two of my scrappy friends give me this award! How fun! I am glad that the blog is appreciated. Somedays I wonder if anyone is looking. LOL!

In turn, I need to nominate 5 blogs I love. Well, I love lots of blogs, but I will narrow it to 5.
1. Staci Taylor: I adore her work. Like I think she is super talented! And I am glad for all of her successes this past year!
2. Iris: There is no other like her in the world. The creativity there-whoa!
3. Janine: Another gal who constantly inspires me. She is so amazing!
4. Debbie: She rocks the multiple photos! And she is super sweet!
5. Jen: My buddy from over at The Nook. Not only do we have a ton in common, but she is a very gifted card maker. Just being around her has made me want to be better!
I could go on and on. Stephanie Howell, Danielle, Bri, ScrapScene---the list continues!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Decorating Weekend!

Can't wait to put up our Christmas tree this weekend! The kids are very into the holiday season this year and can't get enough of reindeers, Santa, and lights! I started decorating the rest of the house, and will use some crafty stuff I have created. Speaking of Christmas trees, I made this layout the other night using my Dec. kit from The Nook. I swear that I wasn't originally going to "build" a tree. I knew that I wanted to pair the pictures like that and wanted to use the I Love Santa diecut. As I was layering, I realize that I was creating a tree. I put the star on top and was done. One hour. Love when that happens!

These pictures crack me up. Nathan and Ella have both been a little bit afraid of Santa. Last year, Nathan at least sat down, but wasn't very thrilled. I love the look he is giving Santa. Ella just cried, loudly. But what else is new. LOL!

If you want to get in the holiday spirit even more, here are a few links. Check out The Nook's Design Team's cards. We are posting one each and every day for the month of December! Also, Leah is sharing her talents with us, providing a class on how to complete a mini album. I adore what she has shown so far. Check it out here for more!! The Nook is full of amazing inspiration! If you would love to be a part of that, consider trying out for the design team. It has been an amazing experience for me and I am sure you would feel the same way! Check out the details here!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ScrapStreet Fun!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Just wanted to remind you that the new issue of Magazine is up! I enjoyed writing my Open Road column and hope that I provided some easy-to-follow tips to enhance your journaling. This was the first month where I asked guest designers to help me out and I love what they came up with! Thank you to Katie, Jen, Jessica, Audrey and Janneke! I also had the pleasure to write an article featuring the 2 Sketches 4 You blog! Love that place and working with Kazan on the article was awesome (she is sooo sweet). If you haven't checked it out, you need to!

You all might be very interested to know that The Nook is having a design team call. I can't believe 6 months has gone by so fast! I have really loved every second there. I plan to try out again and encourage you to give it a go too! It is a great community with great kits and people!

I leave you today with a few cards I did last month for Showroom in ScrapStreet! Love these colors!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December!

Like seriously, only 24 more days until Christmas. My mom called me to remind me that she bought advent calendars for the kids. She lives about 45 minutes away so we don't see each other too often. I reminded her that December was here. She is making a trip up here on Weds. (my kids will just get double candy!) Did you decorate your house yet for the holidays??? We will do ours next weekend and I am quite excited.

Speaking of excitement, the design team over at The Nook have started our card classes. A different card will be showcased every day for the month of December. This was my card that I posted on Sunday! It has this cute little pocket to hold a gift card. The Cosmo Cricket in the December kit is soo easy to use to make cards and layouts! If you are anything like me, you need to catch up on last Christmas still! If you would like to see instructions on how to complete this card, go here!

And, the new issue of ScrapStreet Magazine is up today. I can't wait to dig in later today!
Happy Monday!


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