Friday, November 29, 2013

Embellish with Chipboard

I will fully admit, I love chipboard.  I am slightly addicted to it.  I just adds so much depth to a page.  It is one of my very favorite things about Teresa Collins collections.

I made this layout using lots of chipboard embellishments from the Family Stories collection.  I didn't use too much paper.  Instead, I focused on the chipboard and other goodies to gather color and pattern.

Here is my page! 

I used the chipboard film frame by placing the pink diagonal stripe paper behind it.  Then I topped each frame off with a number circle.  I also created a pretty and soft cluster by using the chipboard flower along with the hand cut stem in navy.  I added in touches of navy and gray to ground the page.
I love this photo of my sister and Ella.  It shows how much fun they have together.  Can you say all smiles?  It really is darling!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy, Scrappy News!

I am so excited to share that I am joining the Scrapbooking From the Inside Our team!  I have guest designed a couple of times for the team and truly enjoyed every second!

It is a concept I believe it....scrapbook your deepest feelings, use scrapbooking as a means to reflect, explore and journal.

It is why I began this crafting journey so many years ago.  I am glad to be back with a monthly kit, especially knowing that it will push me to be creative and free.

My fellow teammates:
Angi Barrs
Heather Adams
Jen Matott
Melissa Elsner

I look forward to the adventure on the lookout for pages starting with the December kit! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday's Musings: The Fall Flew By

It just went too fast.  Back to school and Nathan's birthday.  Our tenth wedding anniversary and Halloween.  Now, Thanksgiving is only a few days away. 
The older I get, the faster it goes.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.  It is cozy and warm.  I love wanting to hibernate, yet still loving being outside.  It is the best.
This page screams fall to me...warm colors, natural wood, pumpkins and texture. 
I used the Family Traditions line by Adrienne Looman for Webster's Pages.  How lucky that I get to design with three amazing lady's product! 
I used the new Quick Pick ribbon on this page!  Webster's has the best textiles!
And then there is this handsome boy.  The boy who is growing up in a blink of an eye.  Time is going by so fast.  He talks on the phone now and was invited to his first Friday night party (which was completely supervised!).  Now is the time to really make him feel loved and secure so he can make the right decisions. 
I need to hold tight and savor every minute!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's Musings: Balancing the Sass

It is this constant conversation we have...I love your sass, but not your freshness.  She has such a funny sense of humor.  She loves the spotlight.  She is testing my patience.
I just want her to say yes more often.  I want her to agree every now and then.  I would like her to listen without argument or negotiation. 
I adore this kid.  I wonder if sometimes our interactions have gone negative.  We argue and it is just how we communicate sometimes.  But I need to show her a different way.  I need to find a different way.
I am her greatest role model.  In an age where we worry about influences like Miley Cyrus, I realize that my daughter looks to me first.  I am setting the example.

It scares me because she sees me in all lights.  The good and the bad.  I think maybe I just need to keep communication open and teach her about forgiveness and acceptable.

I also need to keep teaching her about boundaries.  Letting her know what is acceptable and what we won't tolerate.

I just hope she is watching and listening and learning.  I will do all that I can to lead her in the right direction, even if that means I do some changing myself.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Blog Hopping: It's Christmas

Welcome to the Webster's Pages Christmas blog hop!  We are celebrating Christmas today!  The DT girls are sending cards to each other!  You should have come from the beautiful Jaz's blog! I have a card to send to my fellow teammate, Larissa.  She is super talented and always a source of inspiration!

Here is a card for Larissa!

I used the Its Christmas collection from Allison Kreft to make this card!  It was build using a small file folder.  I added some embellishments including the chipboard buttons. 
The card has a cool feature!  The file folder opens once the paper clip is removed.

Inside, there is a special message and maybe even a gift card!

Happy holidays Larissa!

In the spirit of Christmas, we have some gifts of our own to give away!  You can win a Webster's pages Christmas Prize Pack just by leaving a comment on any or all of the posts in the hop!  Winners will be chosen randomly and will be announced on Friday, November 22nd! 

Head over to Larissa's blog to see what card she is sharing today!

Happy hopping!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Building with Embellishments

Happy Wednesday!  I have been loving the new You Are My Happy collection by Teresa Collins.  It has a gold, pink, and orange color scheme!  So fresh and fun...I am really enjoying using all of the elements in the line.
To build today's layout, I used mainly embellishments.  There is hardly any paper on this page, well in terms of 12X12 sheets.  There are so many bright colors and vibrant patterns in the embellishments that I wanted to selectively use paper.

I love the thought of creating and enjoy watching my daughter get the bug!  I used a deconstructed grid on this page.  Instead of placing all of the elements in rows and columns, I staggered things a bit.  It was easy to do with chipboard, diecuts and brads.
I wanted to add a touch of uniqueness to the page so I incorporated some layered scallops.  It is girlie and soft!

It is amazing how far you can go using small pieces of paper and embellishments!  Try using more goodies than papers on your next page and watch your creativity get boosted!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday's Musings: He is a Veteran

My dad.  He is a veteran.  He served his country with dignity and pride during the Vietnam War.  For years, he participated in military clubs to bring awareness about Vietnam.  I remembered going to all those Veteran's Day parades because he was marching.
He is an artist at heart.  You have never seen a snowman sculpture until you saw his.  He has made several pieces out of welded materials.  It is a part of him he didn't pursue fully, probably because he was being a dad to four girls.
He is now a Papi.  He loves to recognize his former life through our kids.  I know he relives our childhood every time he is around his grandkids.
This is the perfect example.  He has an antique Schwinn bicycle that is in beautiful condition.  He wheeled it out one day this past summer and wanted to take each kid for a ride on the middle bar or the back basket. 
Being a helicopter mom, I wasn't sure.  There weren't helmets.  My kids hadn't done that before.  But he insisted and reminded me that I was alive and well even after all our childhood adventures.
I allowed it.  It was awesome to see my kids giggling and loving the ride.  He told me that Ella laughed just the way that I did thirty plus years ago when he brought me for my first ride.  It brought him right back.

Watching him beam with pride, it took me right back too.

This is his everyday life.  My war hero.  The man who sacrificed so much for his country.  He did that so he could ride on this Schwinn and make his grandkids feel the wind on their faces.  True, simple freedom.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Who Loves Navy?

I do, I do!  I love navy!  It is a classic punch of color that makes me happy!

The new We R Family line from Lily Bee has just the right amount of navy!  Sometimes it is an accent and other times, it takes center stage.  Here is a new page I just created.

I used the Daily Deck cards to build most of this page.  The cards are so versatile, I used one for the typography, one as a journaling spot and cut the other to make the Family heart.  I love how the touches of navy allow me to scrap boy layouts!
I used the new metal badges and enamel dot stickers on this page too!

It is always great to have a line that can capture memories about the male side of the family!  I really wanted to share this photo because it shows how much Nathan looks like Steve.  It is crazy!
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Trending: Filling in the Sides

I sometimes feel like pages begin to look the same. For me, a top strip and white space are a must.  But I wonder if it gets old.  Lately, I am trying to fill in the rest of the space differently.  Maybe that will shake up the usual design.
Case in point, this page.  I went with the top strip and the slightly off-center photo placement.  Then I decided to tie the side into the design.

I used the same hexagon pattern along the left hand side and the top.  I also layered in several patterns in small doses along the side of the photo!  I really love pattern and colors.  It is easy to mix when you are dealing with a 12X12 page. 

I incorporated another trend I love on this page, the sunburst.  Yummy!  I purposefully placed it so the rays seem to come from Nathan.  I used last winter's releases from Alison Kreft to make this page.  Gosh, I love her stuff!

Another detail shot, using arrows and more hexagons.  Maybe I really like shapes too.

I think I will try more stuff along the sides!  They deserve some attention too!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday's Musings: Be Vibrant

Subtle, quiet, monochromatic...serene and calm.  There is value in surrounding yourself with colors and patterns that fit in with that theme.

Or you can go bold.  Use a red rug in your living room.  Wear the colored denim and a large scarf.  Try something new.

I recently went bold on a page.  Way bolder than usual.  It almost bothered me.  I told myself that it looked better in person than in photos. I questioned and wondered if I should make it quieter.

Then I let go and let it be bold.  I feel like I am doing that more and more in life, which is quite refreshing.  Get your eyes ready....LOL!

I decided to embrace that bright pink and white, that large pattern!  It all pointed right to the, doesn't bold work?

I paired the graphic with the frilly, incorporating the floral file folder.  This is the You Are My Happy collection by Teresa Collins.  It is bold and fun!

You only have one life so why not live it boldly?  There is something freeing about abandoning what I usually do.  Something liberating about living out loud and not caring about what everyone else thinks. 

In scrapbooking and life, I plan to move forward....boldly!


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