Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Got Nothin'

no title, no real thoughts for this post!


Going through each day, busy but happy, creative and inspired.

Dancing in the living room with my daughter, feeling so connected with my son, going out with friends tonight for dinner.

It is all good!

Here is a recent creation using the purty November kit from The Nook!

Supplies: (All from the November The Nook kit) Paper: LilyBee Audrey Line, Star: Bazzill, Buttons: Making Memories, Alphabet: American Crafts, October Afternoon.

I am heading out for a burger and sweet potato fries. Probably some dessert...
What? You only live once!

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


So, since turning age five just a couple of weeks ago, plus going to preschool, Nathan has had quite the turnaround. He is more cooperative, calmer, shares better and has far better self-control. What used to be a NO or B...B..But has been replaced with an Okay.

Yesterday at Target, the two of them were goofing off. A lot. Yes, I was boring them a bit, looking at the cute new clothes and even trying some things on. I realize that situation stinks for them. (But there was a adorable purple sweater I had to try). But they should listen. Life does not just revolve around them!

I told them a fairy tale about a mom who really wanted to buy a new movie for her kids, but they weren't listening. Then I asked them directly to please stop. Nathan flipped a switch and totally listened. I almost fainted.

Ella on the other hand...ugh!

So I am just very proud of the little guy he is becoming. There is so much potential and I love being able to witness and mold. (I know Ella will get there too!)

Supplies: Paper, Die-Cuts: Collage Press; Buttons: Little Yellow Bicycle

The Collage Press papers kinda scrapped themselves here. Gotta love a great paper company!

I wanted to let you know that the November kit is available from The Nook. Gorgeous LilyBee--the Audrey line is so sophisicated!

I can't believe it is Sunday already. Somebody block Mr. Time's way and slow him down! I have too much to clean, too much to scrap, too many hugs to give!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Only a Few More Hours

and it is the weekend! I am very excited and just need some chill out time!

As a matter of fact, I will be getting cozy on the couch tonight and spending the evening with all of my favorite reality TV shows. I am an addict. Ever just need those nights where you veg? Eat cookies and flip through all the channels. Top Chef, America's Next Top Model, Project Runway--I love it.

One of the reasons I am so tired involves my feisty three year old. She talks a lot. Every night, I snuggle with her at bedtime. It is a nice quiet way to end the evening and have some quality time. I admit that I sometimes power nap.

Or I used to...because she has developed this habit where she sings, tells stories, blows in my face and pushes all my hair in my face. Good times huh?

In spite of that...she is stinkin' cute and makes my heart happy.

Supplies: Paper and journaling tags: Collage Press, Sequins: Making Memories, Alphabet: American Crafts, Small Alphabet: Jenni Bowlin Studio, Button: Making Memories

I used some of those little golden sequins that come in the Vintage Finds packages from Making Memories. I have had them and was not quite sure how to use them. You can't tell, but they have all this sparkle and glimmer.

Just like Ella!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lucky Me!

In spite of cold, damp weather, a pouch belly, and a crazy schedule...

I am counting my blessings.

Here are three to be exact...Steve, Nathan & Ella

Supplies: Knave of Hearts by Collage Press, Alphabet by American Crafts, Button from my stash

These guys are my heart and soul!

And they don't mind the little pouch...LOL!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary

to me!

Yep, six years ago, Steve and I had our dream wedding. It was held right in our hometown at a beautifully rustic and charming historic barn. The ceremony was personal and warm. I will never forget that day because I knew I was getting married for all the right reasons.

I have discovered that marriage is so much more than just the wedding or the things you see in fairy tales. It is about more than love, although there is plenty of that.

It is about everyday choices, interactions, how you handle stress, and how you chose to spend your time together. It is about how you fight and how you make-up.

Steve and I are a great team. When there is a job to be done, we click into team mode and tackle it. We do bicker a lot too---let's call it passion. LOL! Lots of bickering over how much we each do--as if we are competing. Sometimes it causes arguements, but it really is humorous.

Just to prove how equal things are, I made this layout! It could help us decide who the better housewife is!

Supplies: (All supplies from the My Scrapbook Nook October kit) Paper, Tags: Graphic 45, Alphabet: Prima, Buttons: Hand-dyed from the kit

This one makes me giggle. And we all know that laughter in a marriage is important too.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hi Out There!

Its me...Stacey. is a blur right now. I am in the midst of educational conferences galore, learning about all the new initiatives in teaching and different techniques to help students. It is nice to be out at conferences and have thoughtful discussions with my colleagues. The big piece of chocolate cake that came with the lunch buffet didn't hurt either...

Gets me all fired up...I am a dork like that.

I don't think I have cooked dinner in like a week and a half between family events, leftovers from going out and nights where either Steve or I aren't home.

I will admit...I don't miss it much!

I look forward to Friday--hoping to scrap and to do some blog visiting. I am needed a friend fix! LOL!

Here is a layout about Steve and me...when we actually see each other.

Supplies: Studio Calico September Kit

Notice how I am no longer typing my journaling, but am photographing it instead.

lazy...or just efficient?

You decide...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can I Have Some of That?, energy, energy! Nathan is so full of it. Sometimes I wish he would share some with me! Then I wouldn't be such a crab first thing in the morning.

Or need 3 cups of coffee to feel awake...

Exercise may do it. If I had the time...I know, I am supposed to make the time but there are only so many hours in a day.

Britney Spears just shared that she lost her last few baby weight pounds by taking Acai berry supplements. Hmm...I have a bottle of those in my medicine cabinet? Will that help!?

Perhaps if I went to bed before midnight. But then how would I get my pages done... full of dilemnas!


Maybe I will just hang out with this kid more often!

Supplies: Paper, Journaling Tags: Cosmo Cricket's The Boyfriend, Alphabet: American Crafts, Metal Arrow: American Crafts.

The small brown circles within the brown circles are actually tiny glue dots that I dabbed with cornstarch and inked brown. I was trying to be clever for a call for Scrapbooks Etc...

Never got around to submitting this one, though.

Too lazy...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thinking About Him...

so much lately. Maybe because he would have been 4 months old a few days ago. Because I should have gotten my baby fix holding him at Nathan's party...whatever the reason, James is on my mind

and in my heart

I have had these photos for a while. I took them just a few days before Michelle and Jimmy stopped the life support. I knew these would be memories so I tried to capture all emotions. It was hard to ask Jesse and Sammi, his older sisters to smile. Michelle and Jimmy shared some positive moments--I am so happy they did because, regardless of what happened, James was a blessing.

It is weird to say that scrapbooking paper could influence me. But the vintage, soft beauty of Graphic 45 just felt right to do these layouts. The embellishments are regal and lovely, important enough for such important memories.

First: I adore this picture of Michelle and James. She is only proud in this moment.

Journaling reads: When you looked at James, you looked past the tubes and wires. You saw with all of the hope of what should have been. You pointed out his fingers and toes, and you celebrated his strong spirit. A loving mother and her son. Grateful. You should be proud.

And this one:

The poem was given to Michelle by the nurses at Yale New Haven. Michelle handed it to me at the funeral--I read it and cried. Then she asked me if I could read it as part of the eulogy. Gosh, that was difficult. But I knew how much it meant so I somehow got through it. I reached into my pocket the other day and pulled out the original. Thus, this layout. I put the original in the little 7 gypsies envelope.

And so life moves forward. There is a light back in Michelle's eyes, which is good. We will all march on, but we will never forget...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

These times are passing...

...well, the season has definitely changed. Ella asked me yesterday if we were going back to the little pool with the shower. We frequented our community swimming pool all summer. I had to explain how we wouldn't go back until next summer! BooHoo! Although I look forward to pumpkin picking and have never been so excited for Halloween! Blame that on Pink Paislee's Twilight collection! LOL!

School is fully back in session and is using up so much of my energy. I have some wonderfully challenging students this year. In addition to their unique needs, we have some new movements in education where the accountable is much greater. I say Hoorah for that. We have the greatest and most important job. My students teach me so much. They teach me that growth is relative and small changes make great impact! I see the beauty that is in each of them, much like I want people to see that in me.

I finally got some scrapping time in and look forward to doing lots over this long weekend! Isnt' it funny how happy this hobby makes us!

As a tribute to the passing of summer, here is a layout celebrating outdoor sports.

Supplies: Paper, Chipboard: Girl Friday by Cosmo Cricket, Cardstock: Bazzill.

I just adore Girl Friday. Cosmo stuff really does not go out of style. No matter how many times the seasons change!

Happy Saturday all!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ah, one of those weeks were I can't get here. No matter how hard I try or how many pages I have to post! It has been busy! This guy turned five today.

He is a joy and a blessing. He has challenged me to look more carefully at myself and he has made me laugh a million times!

I baked him a special cake this weekend.

Well, actually my DH had to help because I got my fingers wrapped around the beater. Yes, I was holding the inside of the beater with my right hand. I pushed it into the hand held electric mixer and it switched on. Twisted, sprained fingers.

Umm, words of advice. Be sure it isn't plugged in before you try to put the beaters into the back. My SIL told me not to share that story, but I needed to explain why the cake came out a bit messy. Cute, but messy!

The idea and step--by-step instructions are on the Betty Crocker site!

I have a cold, hate my new haircut and feel too busy. Hmmm...just call me happy sunshine these days. It will pass, but boy, do I hate being in a funk!

Maybe this will make me happy...a layout about how Steve makes me laugh. Nathan got his sense of humor from Daddy.

All supplies are from the September Studio Calico kit. I also made this layout for the new challenge over at Category Stories. Head over and participate to be eligible for a cool prize!

Gotta run. My fingers are sore from typing.
Just call me Grace...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthdays Galore

It was a nice birthday. Brownies for breakfast with my favorite people at work. Hearing from old, dear friends. Family dinner. Hugs from my kids and Steve. And a little scrapbooking to boot!

Now, I get ready for my sweet Nathan's birthday party tomorrow. He turns five years old on Wednesday. Seriously?

He are having a robot party! Which basically means that I am making him a robot cake. I just can't pull the whole party theme together with working and parenting. I wish I could do more sometimes, but it is what it is. I will show you the cake (well, if if comes out good. If not, I will show you the picture of the example on the internet!)

Here is my guy!

Ummm, I love Sass. Everything goes together. Old lines, new lines! Everything here is Sass Montrosity. The numbers are Sass as well!

Off to get ready for the party! I am going to try to squeeze in alittle scrappy time too. Good for the heart, good for the soul. And I am getting older now...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We Now Interrupt...

...regularly scheduled programming! LOL! I was going to share my other Sass layout, but...this box full of gorgeous stuff came to my house. And I had to scrap it, not because Leah asked me to, but because she filled the kit with so much loveliness.

Here is the October My Scrapbook Nook kit:


And here is what I made with it! You all know how much I love to look for elements right within the paper that I can use for embellishments/themes/borders! The yellow flower border was it for me! And I had to put the beautiful ribbon in the kit to good use! So I stitched and then backstitched!

I posted a class on how to complete this layout here if you are interested! Almost 40. 39 tomorrow...where does time go!

My thirties have been great times. I found myself suddenly alone at the end of my 2o's and really needed to get in touch with who I really was. After facing some demons and really discovering myself, my life completely changed. Steve walked in, my friendships were strengthened and I had my babies. I have also had some very difficult times, particularly this past year. Because of living my 30's, I am able to handle those and see the lessons I am meant to learn. Well, most of the time. Because I am far from perfect. So there will be plenty for me to work on during the next decade! I look forward to the changes, challenges and gifts that my 40's will bring. Ahh...waxing philosophical.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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