Thursday, September 29, 2011

Along the Lines of Really Cool

Every now and then, something really cool happens...scrappy cool stuff!  This one makes me smile!  I knew it was coming, but didn't quite get it.  Until I saw it.

Emma Bryan contacted me about being an inspiration for an upcoming magazine article she was participating in!  Of course, I agreed...I was honored.  She showed me her beautiful work and then time passed.  I kinda forgot as life took over.  Last week, a friend from The Nook posted the magazine.  She had it in her possession and shared the pages that Emma contributed to!  The magazine is Scrapbook Magazine out of the UK. 

My work doesn't appear in the article, but Emma's very kind words about my stuff (see the red boxes and side bar) and her awesome projects do!  How cool is this...

It is so fun to see how someone perceives your style!  I am so very honored and really appreciate it!  Thanks rock!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm a Talker

We were driving to my dad's retirement party last weekend.  Just Ella was with us for the half hour jaunt.  She hummed, sang, asked questions, commented on other cars.  For the first 23 minutes.  Steve turned to her and kinda said, "Ella..."

She looked right at him, all calm and cute...cut him off and said, "What...I'm a talker."  "God made me this way."  She then looked at me and said, "I came from your belly."

Oh, she is a talker.  She has great vocabulary and seems to know the right joke to use at the right time.  It is cute...unless you are tired and need a minute...then it is annoying...LOL!

I adore her!

I used one of my all time favorite Bella Blvd lines, Midterm!  Adore those speech bubbles!  I hand cut the red dotted paper to make my frame!  And, of course, a banner.  I could talk about those all day!

Speaking of talking and sharing!  I had the chance to be a part of Christa Paustenbaugh's Meaningful Journaling feature over at Write, Click, Scrapbook!  I have a layout in her post and I gave some insight into my process!  Go check it out!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

At Home: A Layout

I have such big ideas about my blog and how to rev it up a bit.  Ideas for regular features like At Home, Behind the Page and technique blasts.  Real life gets right in the way...

but I will try.  I want to share my house renovations and is amazing what you can do with your scrappy supplies and things you already own.

Today, I will share a layout honoring my kitchen.  The renovation was worth every penny, every stressful day.  It makes me so happy to go in there.  I have filled it with retro details through antiquing, hand me downs and trips to Home Goods.

This layout came about because of the sticker on the top right hand side of this page.  It is from the Random Collection and says, "Unique Kitchen Decor".  Doesn't that just beg for a page?  I went ahead and used retro like embellies on the rest of the page.

I have decorated for fall and I love the cozy feel my kitchen and house has...I'll be sharing soon...or at least I will try!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Also Known As

Teacher, friend, Stace, SB, ST (let's see if my friends are reading my blog...), Edie...many nicknames

It was Freckle-face Strawberry when I was growing up as a little girl.  Mental Ward or Wad when I was in high school.

I kinda like Mommy...

This summer my super imaginative daughter decided to have a new persona...she called herself Lizzie.  Her father and her came up with a new identity for each of us.  He is Frankie.  For a few days, I heard them calling each other Lizzie and Frankie.  Ella would bring it up at the cutest times.

Nathan is also known as Tony.  Inspired by Tony Horton from P90X.  That will forever remind me of this time of our lives! 

I just had to scrap this...

I used the Sept. kit from My Scrapbook, Crate Paper and Webster's Pages...hello!

Off to bed
I am also known as...tired!

Monday, September 19, 2011

To the Right...

to the right
to the left, to the left...

oh, sorry...I forgot where I was!  I did have my dancing shoes on this weekend at my dad's retirement party.  He got us all out on the floor with his pure joy of dancing...he has the moves!

Speaking of moves, my daughter...she is a show stopper.
Think Elaine from Seinfield, but very cute and charming in a way that only Ella can be.  She choreographs a routine every time she dances.  She watches dance shows and practices all the time.  I will admit it...I often join her on what is known as our kitchen dance floor.  Poor Steven tries to do the dishes and we are moving and shaking all around!

I love her bravery, her strength and confidence.  You can't teach that.  I don't ever want her to lose that.  I can be feisty and free, but it is calculated and only displayed under certain circumstances.  It just happens for her without a thought. 

She has been like this since she was born!  It has been a beautiful blur.

I used the September kit from My Scrapbook Nook to make this layout!  Gosh, I love Crate Paper.  And this kit feautures Webster's is a beautiful marriage!

I placed most of my goodies along the right side of the layout, something I haven't done too much before.  I think it gives great balance for the larger photo.  I had completed this for the Crate Color Challenge, but didn't get it in to Tara on time.  I love the pink and orange together!

Wishing you a happy sure to find some time to dance!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

You know those quotes

Like...sometimes we must give up the life we planned to live the life that is waiting for us or the happiest people don't have the best of everything...they just make the best of everything. Or maybe the one about how hings turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.

I found myself in that situation this past week.  I was so sad the day that the Bella Blvd calls went out and I didn't get one.  I did wake up last week to an email asking me to be a guest designer!  I was thrilled to represent their fabulous company in any way, so I said yes! 

It is not totally what I wanted, but it is probably where I need to be right now.  I can respect my other obligations, my family, work and my other life outside of scrapbooking.  Don't get me wrong, I still know what I want...but such is life. 

Cue Rolling Stones song here...You can't always get what you get what you need!

I am very excited to be a part of this list in any many friends and so much talent.

Here is one of my favorite layouts that I sent for the call!  I really loved everything I made and could not have created more freely or strongly than what I did.

I used the bright and fun Family Dynamix here!  I love, love, love those playing cards!  Thank you Laura and Stephanie for this opportunity! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Silly Time

Friday...time to relax, laugh and let work slip away.

Wishing you a Friday full of silliness and love!

Layout using the new Jillibean Soup Sweet and Sour Collection...Love this!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stepping Out: Behind the Page

Stepping out of the box can bring a refreshing element to what you do.  Buying a pattern you don't usually wear, getting a funky pair of shoes, saying yes to your kids when you usually say no. 

It keeps that thinking flexible.

I was playing with my September kit from My Scrapbook Nook and decided to step out a bit.  I thought I would share my thinking process with you.

I have mentioned before that I start from the small and move to the big when I scrap.  I create a cluster with my photo and layer from there.  My idea for this layout come from the photo!  My daughter is standing next to a telescope.  I grabbed this paper from my kit, which features the Random Collection from Crate has lots of fun circles.

The telescope reminded me of the circles because of the lense.  So I thought I would cut a row or two of them to use as my main cluster.  I chose a chipboard circle and the pleated Stand-outs to compliment the theme.

Then, I layered and made my layout.  The title got placed and I realized I had no place to journal.  The yellow seemed like a good place.  I thought of journaling strips and then stopped myself.  I decided to write around the circles.  I was nervous...I wasn't sure...but I like the end result.

The buttons finished it all off and grounded that writing!

Stepping outside of the box or in this case, the circle, resulted in a fun and different layout!  You never know if you don't try!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I Scrap

Gosh, sometimes I hate this hobby
hate the way that I let it make me feel
and I will be specific...the way that I let it make me feel

When you put yourself out there for teams or to submit and you aren't hurts.  I let it make me feel not good enough.  I have sung this song before...many of us have.  I just want to stop comparing, stop wondering and just create.

I forget easily that I create for my two children.  Ella asked me the other day about what I am doing with all the photos that I take.  I giggled and reminded her about my scrapbooks.  I told her that she would have those one day.  She was quite amazed.  I want her and the rest of us to remember our stories.  Remember all the memories we built. 

When I remember that, I love this hobby...through and through.

I am lucky to get to scrap them.  That is my biggest success...the only one that should be important.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Good News Is...

I can look forward to a scrappy future designing for My Scrapbook Nook...again!

LOL!  I think I am just a part of the inventory over there.  I would be there anyway every day and I would be using the kits so why not start my fifth term???

The team is just amazing this time!  We are switching it up a bit and designing on an every other month basis!  Look at these girls:

Anna Sigga- Iceland
Carol Monson- USA
Danni Reid-USA
Deanna Misner- USA
Gina Rodgers-Australia
Hilde L Aaslund- Norway
Jaz Lee- Singapore
Jessy Christopher-Malaysia
Katarina Damm-Blomberg- Finland
Kim Moreno-USA (not Canada lol)
Leah Killian-USA
LG Belarmino- Phillipeans
Lilith Eeckles- Belgium
Lisa Kisch- Canada
Marinette LEFEVRE- France
Nicole Nowosad- Canada
Pamella Brown-USA
Shelleye McDaniel-USA
Stacey Michaud- USA

I am in awe! 

Who wouldn't want to design with this kit?

It features Crate Paper's Random collection as well as some Webster goodies...really, two of my favorites all in one place!!!

Here is my first layout using the kit and add-ons!  I am into bold, solid backgrounds lately!

I am looking for a simplier way.  Less stress, more enjoyment...I plan to find it!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Love to Listen In

when they are talking, playing, laughing...

I could leave the fighting part...

but the rest, I love.

Since school started, I hear them a lot.  Mostly Ella asking questions and Nathan giving her the lowdown.  They help each other in the morning to remember the backpacks, lunches, etc.

I love it!  I often leave the eavesdropping session feeling very proud.

I made this for the Bella Blvd. call using the Family Dynamix collection!  I threw in some One Fall Day...still love those clouds.  Even though I didn't make it :(, I look forward to seeing their new team.  I am a fan.  Always will be...

This layout speaks to says that they love each other...

and I love them.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So I consider myself a one man kinda girl.  I am faithful and loyal.  Can't help it...when I am in love, I am in love.

While I adore my dear husband, I happen to be speaking of the good ole scrapbooking layout!  I really could just scrap 12 X 12 all branching out into cards or projects.  I love minis, love cards, love home decor...I make them...they come out okay, but I love layouts the mostest!

So today, in the spirit of trying...I am sharing cards!  I think my biggest barrior is the sentiment.  I want to be quirky and original like some of my favorite cardmakers.  It just doesn't come easy!

And a project...which has a sentiment...giggle!  This one was in the August issue of Cricut Magazine!  So fun to use my Cricut and Teresa Collin's Black and White Cartridge to put this ribbon together!

All projects feature Teresa Collins:  On the Edge, Sports Edition II and Timeless!  I have been having so much fun playing with the new World Traveler and can't wait to share this week!

Of course, the new stuff is all layouts, glorious layouts!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Living a Colorful Life

Ahhh...long weekend is in full effect!  It has been a mixture of relaxation and getting errands done.  All valuable.

In the spirit of really living it, I am going to keep today's post short.I found this at Pinterest a while back and loved the feel of it.

I decided to turn the sentiment into a layout!  I would love for my kids to learn how to do this.  Live a colorful life, rich and full of experiences.  I want them to take risks and go big.

I had originally thought about creating sunbeams with the patterned paper.  It turned into this, which I like!  I made this for the Webster's Page's September challenge over at Inspire Me!  Come over and join in the challenge for a chance to win a prize pack!

The focus was on using the Dazzle Me Gems.  Brandin designed these to look like jewelry...they are stunning!  I used on just as it comes and then cut another apart into strands.  I thought that stitching would be a great way to distinguish the different papers, but I don't sew.  So...I used the gems instead.  I also used the new All About Me collection including the sparkle push pin and fabric tickets.

I am hoping you are leading a colorful life
today and every day!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Open Heart

I have learned many things based on my life experiences.

One of them is to close the door to uncomfortable situations.  As fast as I can.  I am not afraid of confrontation and can advocate for myself.  By uncomfortable, I mean...situations that leave me vulnerable.

You build this perception of who you are and how loved you are.  You think you know the truth.  That your perspective is right and just and based on fact.

Sometimes it is not.

Sometimes strangers are angels in disguise with the stories they share.  Stories that come at the right time.

Sometimes strangers who are much more than strangers open the door.  And, by their kind and brave actions, they hold that door open at any cost...leaning, pulling, standing in the threshold.

Until you can't close it.  By then, you don't really want to anymore.

I let the door stay opened and so many amazing things have happened.  My perceptions are changed.  They have been false in nature the whole time.  If not false, then skewed.

and realizing that is changing me. 

I used the new Botanical Christmas collection from Webster's Pages to create this layout!  Those doors got my wheels turning!  This collection is not just for the holidays!

I want to go to the door that has been opened and walk right on through.  I think there are great things on the other side...


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