Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Fam

Oh, the family--how I love these guys. It is funny because I wouldn't call myself an affectionate person. Ten years ago, I would have called myself guarded even. But these guys have taught me to hug and squeeze and kiss and love. I am so much better off because of it!

Journaling: Our family, the four of us. We are touchy-feely, lovey-dovey. Its how you treat us & how we treat you.

Made this layout from the really beautiful June kit from The Nook. It is loaded with Cosmo papers and chipboard, a beautiful package of trinkets from Chatterbox, ribbon, pins and TWO sets of Thickers. Really, rush over and get it because it is going fast!

June 1st is only a couple of days away! That means new Category Stories, new issue of ScrapStreet and something really exciting for me! Be sure to come back and check it out!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Words of Caution: Don't follow up a killer 30-day Shred workout by Jillian with a strenous yoga workout by Bob (cute Biggest Loser guy trainer-I forget the last name). And, because I thought "hey it is just yoga--let's do a core exercise section too!", I let some crazy chick with very flat abs lead me through 12 minutes of stomach exercises. Not the best plan...Ouch!

I usually work out around 4:30 the days I don't pick up the kids. They get home about halfway through and love to join in. It is so cute to watch them try the moves. Makes me feel good because it promotes healthy living!

Speaking of my two kiddos, here they are again. I never tire of cute pictures of them hugging. Hopefully you won't either! LOL!

The journaling reads: A hero-when he shows you how to be a friend, when he finds your lost toy & when he yells out for you to be careful on the playscape. Your hero, even when his face is covered with mud.

Off to crash now--here is to hoping I can get out of bed in the morning!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Right Back At It

Well, work doesn't slow down when you are out for a few days! It was a busy day and I needed to exercise when I got home--clear the mind. I did Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred--level 2---umm, yeah, I ache right now. Holy moly.

So even though typing hurts my muscles right now, I am sharing a few projects. I have this desire to capture all of my immediate family members on film. Life just goes by quickly and moments are lost. So I have been snapping away. Look for lots of family layouts in the near future!

Here is my beautiful niece and Godchild, Alyssa. She is just about to turn 13 and I am floored by how grown up she is. She is a teenager. WHAT! I am even more floored by what an amazing young lady she is. I watch her a lot at family events and am astonished by how caring she is--she is always looking out for her younger cousins.

And so this page:

I remember her as a two year old--bundle of trouble she was! But now, she is smart(just got invited to be in the National Jr. Honor Society) and funny. I am proud of her!

Here is a card I made for my sister Michelle's baby shower. It was this past Sunday! She is ready to pop, bringing James into this world.

That is it for my random post. Off to finish off a layout! Hugs!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Slept in Today

thanks to my dear husband. I needed it. I was getting worried that I had forgotten how to scrap--not interest or motivation. Then last night at around 9:00, I picked up some pictures and started going.

Yep, I was up until 2:00 in the morning. LOL! Felt good though.

I am waiting on the June kit from The Nook--this thing is going to be a beauty and I know I won't have any problems once it arrives. Look at it!

I have the perfect pictures all printed up!

Here is another layout I made from the May kit! These Lilybee papers are really cute! Presenting my Ella and her Daddy!

Journaling: There is a family song that Nana often sings to you. I guess you have heard it many times because you are not in the habit of walking around the house, repeating it. In your cute little voice you loudly sing, "I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck." The best when you act it out. Keep singing!

Have a great day all! Any big plans for the day-off?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Otherwise Known As

I love how my kiddos have certain nicknames for us. Nathan seriously loves his daddy--those two are tight. Whoever talked about a "momma's boy" never lived in my house! I had to make this layout to record it all. Nathan calls Steve his Big Fella. What's the story behind that?--read on...

Journaling: There's a scene in the movies Cars where Lightening tries to get the fire truck's attention. He calls out, "Hey, Big Fella" in a kind and friendly manner. The next thing we knew, you were calling Daddy that. Whenever I ask you why you love Daddy, you reply, "Because he's my Big Fella." It is so sweet!

I can't tell you how many times this week that Jason's mom, Aunt Nancy, reminded me to hold onto my two kiddos--to hold tight. I am taking that advice because you never know what will happen. So extra snuggles at night, lots of kisses, more patience to deal with things when it is nutso in here. Now that all of the services are over, it is time to start healing. For us, I think that means cherishing what we have even more than we already did.

By the way, Ella calls me her "big fella" too--she doesn't quite get it. LOL...I will have to work on that!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cherishing These Times

because life is too short.

I don't want to forget these memories and times with my kiddos. Steve and I were looking through some old photos last night and we had some of Ella and Nathan. I couldn't believe how small they looked. Yet, you can see that glint in their eyes, those smiles that still make me smile and touches of their personalities.

This morning, as I type, Ella came into the room.
Ella: "Mommy, can I bring something to Nan's? I want to bring Barbie."
Me: "Okay, but you need to leave her shoes at home because they are too small for baby Lilly."
Ella: "But, Moooooom, Barbie loves shoes."

This is why I scrap. The little stories are worth telling.

A layout titled 12 Kisses:

Journaling: Kissing games are quite popular in this house. One kiss is not good enough so you always ask for twelve. Where that comes from, I'm not sure. You also play one where you wipe a newly planted kiss off & say, "Yuck." Gives us an excuse to give you two more. I wonder what other games you will invent. Bring it on-we are ready to play!

Have a good day all!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sad News

We received one of those calls yesterday morning where you know the phone is ringing too early, you know it will be bad news. My husband' cousin was fatally injured in a car accident. My sister-in-law is also a colleague and good friend. His mom is like a second mom. And his whole family means the world to me. They are so loving and kind, so special and VERY tight-knit. So this is a tradegy for all of us. It is hard to see the person you love the most struggling. Watching Steve through this only makes me love him more and makes me appreciate my blessings.

Keep us in your prayers. I know the power of that and would greatly appreciate it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paper Explosion

It is really cramping my style. Do you ever feel like the mess is just out of control? But then why clean it up when you are just going to make it again the next time you scrap! It is a vicious cycle I say!

Look--I am going to share a rare layout of Nathan! He really is hard to capture on film. But he is a funny one!

He has had terrible allergies this month and his eyes have been affected. So the other day he walked into the room and

said, "Mom, do we have any carrots?"
Me: "Yes, why? (knowing he hates all things vegetable)
Nathan: "Le Fronc on Disney said that carrots are good for your eyes. Maybe they can help my itchy, allergy eyes."
Me: "Um, if only it worked that way."

This layout shares the Barack Obama story I told a few months back--you know, Barack rates right up there with Santa!

Have a happy Sunday, full of giggles!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Almost Friday!

As the days of May become a blur for me, I am happy it is almost the weekend! I need to get my scrap-on as it has been about 5 days since I touched my scrappy stuff! I have a mini album in my near future along with using my new Studio Calico kit.

Softball season starts tomorrow and I won't see my husband for two nights each week. How he looks forward to those warm, buggy nights on the field (well, truth be told he really loves the after game hang-out in the parking lot--hmmm, might be the beer). He did ask me to stop buying Oreos and other junk for the house. Maybe he needs to save his calories for Budweiser!

I am sharing another layout that I did for the SS Star contest last month! What a blast I had! This one is about Ella--yeah, I think I scrap more about her than Nathan. I have a small amount of guilt about it. But she actually looks at the camera, bats her eyelashes and smiles! I need to work on this. Anyone have any good ideas for layouts involving the back of a boy's head?!

Speaking of contests, you need to go over to The Nook--we are in the middle of a contest and the work will knock your socks off! I am in awe of the creativity! Check out this link to the gallery!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun with a Hole Punch

Giggle, funny title, huh! During the SS Star contest, we were challenged to use our hole punch to create! I must admit that I don't bring that simple tool out very often. I have the Making Memories one that can go anywhere around the paper. It is loud. But it works well. Here is what I came up with:

First, I thought of fish bubbles! And it just so happened that I had just bought Snorkel. Have I ever told you how much I love Cosmo Cricket! They are on my top 3 list for favorite companies. I punched some holes and placed a lighter blue underneath to make them pop! I also set some eyelets.

Then this one. I made this prior to starting my exercise routine and can tell you that my arms were killing me when I was done. ROFL! Scary that I got a workout from scrapbooking.

My husband tells me that for every 30 minutes of scrapbooking, I should do 50 sit-ups. Scrap, sit-ups, scrap, sit-ups--everytime I am in my scraproom. He said I would have toned abs in no time.

Off to work. Have a fab day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Whether you are a grandmother, mother, or daughter, I hope you have a happy mother's day. I am trying to relax and enjoy the day where I can play the "it's all about me" card all day today! LOL! My husband got me a beautiful card that spoke of our live right now--young kids, chaos, noise, constant (joyous) responsibility. It also spoke of us being together for a long time and looking back at these times with fond memories. It made me cry and would have been enough of a present! But...he also got me two charms for my Pandora bracelet! The kid's initials. I will cherish them!

I am sharing two layouts today that capture my blessings.

One about my husband who drives me nuts, who challenges me to be a better person and how makes me smile everyday! Journaling reads: No matter what we face as a couple, my love for you never stops. Instead, I have fallen in love with you over & over again. When I see you as a dad, son, friend, acting silly or being serious, my heart skips a beat. And I fall madly & deeply in love.

and my kiddos, who have so much energy, I can barely keep up. They love life and are bringing me along for the ride!! I cherish them!

Off to scrap. Hopefully for the rest of the day!

Friday, May 8, 2009


My word of the day...

I have four unfinished layouts sitting in my scraproom. Most just need the journaling, but I have been unmotivated.

Umm, LOL! Don't I write a journaling article?

I have a laundry basket of unfolded clothes in my bedroom. By the time I get to them, they might all need to be washed again.

An half empty bottle of water sits next to me.

And, apparently, I have an illness called "Opening One When There Is Already One Opened". It inflicts those who are distracted and somewhat to highly disorganized. Don't live with someone who has OCD-like tendencies (or the real thing) when you have this illness.

There might be fights and finger pointing over two opened jars of Salsa. Raised voices and all.

I will share a layout that is completed. Although, it feels somewhat unfinished to me. It might be the white space. But I can't figure it out anymore. Because my brain is finished.

I love this photo of Ella! Sums her up!

Lilybee is pretty stuff! The colors are so awesome!

Off to finish straightening the living room before dinner. But before I go,

anyone know any really good recipes involving salsa?? It seems I need to use it a lot next week!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ever see a scrapbooking product that you want to try, but can't get around to? Or you don't really know what to do with it...LOL! When the magazine sent me Clearscraps to work with last month, I was hit in the face with my fears! Like anything in life, it is all about how you look at it! Jump right in, take a risk, you might discover something. Yes, I can wax philosophical about anything...

Some projects that appeared in last month's issue!

First, a layout about my must-haves! I am a coffee addict! On the weekends, I live for that first cup and the computer (after I have hugged my kiddos for a bit). On Sundays, the whole ritual is enhanced with chocolate chip pancakes! Had to document it!

ClearScraps make these cool shapes! I turned the coffee set into a gift card holder! That seems to be my newest go-to project! I made the white sleeve to mock the sleeve they put around paper to-go cups!

Remove the sleeve and you have the sentiment and card!

Finally, I used four pieces of the clear acrylic banners to make this butterfly. I originally wanted a mobile, but it evolved into this! My daughter loves this, which makes me happy!

One of the many reasons I love the magazine! We just welcomed some new staff members and I can't wait for this upcoming year!

Quick reminder--The Nook has started the HUGE contest (Design Team openings as prizes), but it is not too late to join in! You have until the 10th, so pop over and check it out!

Off to watch General Hospital--I love it, huge cheese factor, major catastrophe every other day! One of my other great escapes! LOL! Hoping to scrap tomorrow--someone send me energy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ah, the power of three. I forgot just how much fun age 3 can be--you know all the "hmm, I will not do it." and the attitude that starts. It may be hard to believe that that cute face could be such a terror at times, but it is true. I remember Nathan's horrible threes-eeeek! Somebody needs to give me a full year supply of chocolate if I am going to make it through another one!

Here is my cute, full-of-attitude Ella on her third birthday! I used the May kit from The Nook--these papers are really easy to work with and the embellishments are the perfect colors. I went to make a ribbon flower out of the brown trim and it kinda just fell like that on the page. I liked it and, there you go, an idea was born!

I have been really into three photos on a layout lately, have three cups of coffee each day (when did that happend), and consequently feel like I am getting about 3 hours of sleep each night. I have about 3 pounds that I want to lose--I would love to wear tank tops this summer without having small rolls popping up--just a little tightening! LOL! As such, I have started working out about 3 times each week!

Ah, the magic of 3!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So all of you Survivor fans out there will appreciate the phrase "Expect the Unexpected." Life leads you to places, has you face situations that you don't always see coming. That can take the form of relationships ending, changing jobs or losing someone to an illness. When I got Unexpected" as the May 1st prompt over at Category Stories, I knew immediately I wanted to pay tribute to that phrase and use it on a layout! The design is a departure, but I just wanted to play, with no design rules or the need to have everything just so. Glad I documented my take on it. Come on over and play--the May sponsor is Hambly! Can't get better than that!

Speaking of unexpected, I found out today that I won a huge prize over at Studio Calico. I am a lucky winner of a 6 month sub to the kit club! Now, many of my online scrappy friends are members there or on the team, and I have always admired their work with the kits. But I hadn't bit the bullet yet. Leah Killian brought me over and had me join in on the contest. Never in a million years did I think we would win! Big time celebration here!

I have been playing with the papers from the Marks Paper Company and, they are gorgeous. Sometimes things just fit and my style and these papers go together perfectly. I encourage you to grab some!

Anywho, off to bed now. I don't so much need rest to deal with all the unexpected things tomorrow might bring. I need it to do with all the things I know will happen-kids will be up by 6:00, will go to work all day, will fold laundry when I get home.

Sweet dreams!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It Came for a Visit

my mojo that is. Hope I can convince it to stay for a while. Maybe a box of Raisinets will help...

Happy National Scrapbooking Day everyone! Why is it that my lovely husband decides to go camping this weekend each year. We might need to adjust that for the future. Last night when the kids went to sleep, I had the chance to play with the May kit over at The Nook. The colors just rock and the whole things just yells out Spring. When I think of spring, I think of mud! Perfect, since my two rascals just had a mud puddle jumping fest last week!

The layout:

Giggle--I really wish you could see the pictures better because you would notice two really dirty, yet happy kiddos. Speaking of the photos, they really aren't the best-a little dark in spots. But they show pretty cool moments. Ever use not-so-perfect photos? Journaling reads: You started pouring the water & I knew what was coming. The structured mom in me wanted to put a stop to it. But I saw how much fun you were having. So I bit my tongue and let you go. You jumped and splashed, giggled and laughed. The yard & the two of you were a mess. But you built memories & that is what it is all about.

TeHe! Some other announcements: The May issue of ScrapStreet is now live! Go visit--there is great work as always. Don't forget about the amazing opportunity over at the Nook. We are hosting a contest and the prizes involve design team positions and you don't want to miss it!

Happy NSD! You making anything???


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