Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Going classic

I am in one of those moods...LOL!  No mojo, I hate everything I make, I want to just laze around.  I am a bit stuck...LOL!  Somebody pull me out!

So when I feel like this, I either put my stuff down and call it a day.  Or I go to the classics.  I find out what makes me tick.  I create in a predictable way to maybe see if it yields a new direction.

I went with a classic grid on this layout.  I adore the Framed Beauty sheet of pattern paper from the Ladies and Gents line by Webster's.  It sold me on the entire collection.  So I put it to good use in a classic way:

Here is the paper:

And here is how I used it!

I took the classic grid idea and gave it a bit of a twist.  First of all, I used larger shapes.  I also added in a banner to give it a bit of movement and non-curved lines. 

Keeps me scrapping...even when I feel less than motivated.  Nothing wrong with that, right?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Until I print this year's...

Here are some Easter photos!  These are from last year...the first time Ella would sit on the Easter Bunny's lap! 

I used Webster's Pages Ladies & Gents for this layout.  I am soo in love with at blue!  This line is so special and gorgeous.  I cut the clocks from a sheet of the paper and layered a bunch to create the cluster.

That little fushia oval reminded me of an Easter an idea was born!

I wanted to show off the chipboard buttons...they add so much to a layout!

This year, we had a nice holiday filled with family fun.  I so love to watch my kids with their can't beat building those memories!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday full of love!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

At Home: Easter Sunday

So I don't have photos of the house today, but instead have photos of who lives in the house.  The most important people in the world.  I so wanted a good picture today of Steve and the kids.  And of the kids.  They were dressed up, looking sweet and it was a beautiful day.

This is how it started:

But then I got this:

Gosh, these two...they fill my heart.  I love that they are getting a bit older.  We have conversations, inside jokes and many fantastic moments.

And, after squinty eyes outside and unhappy daddys who don't like their pictures taken...I caught this. 

Two kids who adore their father.  They live for him, love him and respect him.  And he is a fabulous dad! 

So today is about blessings and gratitude.  A celebration of love.  I am feeling it.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I have been quiet this week.  We were on spring break.  The weather was less than desirable so I felt a bit down.  I think you go through that every few months and it is okay.  I go with it and just accept that this too shall pass.

Back to work on Monday and I am ready for the year to finish out.  The summer has so much to offer!

Sharing a layout today...

Made this about Nathan...he just got a new haircut and he looks so grown up to me.  Time flies.

I used the Teresa Collin's Sports Edition II line for this.  There is a really cool mesh trim that I used as my mask to create one of the bottom borders.  I simply sprayed red Maya ink and the pattern of the mesh showed through!  Check out the chipboard elements and the brads...perfect embellies to add the final touches!

Now that face...always makes me happy!  Even on my quietest days.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Side by Side

I love when you catch a moment in a photo.  To me, that is the purpose of taking 150 shots in a twenty minute period.  I caught a sweet look in the photos below.  The love of two best friends, cousins, like-brothers.

These guys are only 6 weeks apart.  They went to daycare at Nana's until they were 5 and then went to the same preschool.  They adore each other.  Not a birthday has gone by where they haven't both blown out the candles on the cake!

Nathan and Christian:

Look at Nathan's smile in the bottom photo!  Precious!  I wanted the star to look at though it were shooting with all the elements coming from the right side!  All supplies are from the April kit over at My Scrapbook is a wonderful kit that is jam-packed!

I wanted to take a second and let you know that the April Teresa Collin's Newsletter is ready for viewing!  Be sure to sign up to receive it!

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

At Home: Spring DIY Decoration

Happy Sunday!  The day to sleep in late, have lazy mornings, and nest!  I can't do any of those things if I have a messy house...Instead, I try to make things all pretty on Saturdays so I can sit back and enjoy!  I mentioned last week that I am have a major crush on all things Pinterest!  I could pin all Sunday...

I found this image when I first started over there and knew that I had to replicate it!

From Pinterest:

And my own version made from scrappy supplies and some spools of thread from the $1.00 section at Jo'anns Etc.:

My butterflies are different, but the feel is the same!  I added in spools of thread that are springy, yet still match my living room decor. 

It sits in a trio of jars...I adore how Pottery Barn uses these jars, but they are sooo expensive.  All of mine are from Marshall's Home Goods at a fraction of the price.  I have the tall one full of moss and the largest with speckled eggs.

The inside contents!  I used the large Jenni Bowlin Chipboard butterfly as a tracer.  I don't use up the last of my chipboard shapes so that I can trace with them over and over.  I used Jillibean Soup papers for these (although I just got the Teresa Collins Notations line and could easily have used that as well!)  I added a string of Teresa's Blingage to add an unexpected sparkle. 

Makes me happy, especially on a Sunday!

Friday, April 15, 2011

In the Ways that Count

My husband...I don't think I say it enough to him, but I really appreciate him.  Us.  We are a great fit.  Neither of us are really super sweet with our sentiments.  We are both fiercely independent.  We don't always say how we feel, but we do show it...especially in moments that count.

The past few days, I needed him.  And I didn't have to ask.  He was just there.  And I love that about him.  I love how he is a teacher.  I love his sense of humor.  His loyalty to others.

I am not sure I love his sports addiction, but I guess you take the good with the bad...LOL!  I want to be sure to start documenting the things that important to him...have a record of his life.  So I made this layout about his love for sports and his favorite teams.

I used the Teresa Collins's Sports Edition II collection for this layout and added some Blingage stars!  I think I am having a love affair with stars these days.

Think Steve will mind??

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On an Angle

Happy Wednesday!  What a has presented me with some unique challenges lately.  Situations that have made me look outside of the see the images embedded in the big picture and to recognize and appreciate the curves.

It is fitting as I have really been trying to avoid straight lines in life and on my pages.  It is too stressful to always wonder if all the edges line up or if all the lines are even.  And when something is off kilter, I have the need to fix it.  I don't want to necessarily live that way. 

So my translation of that is here:

Notice the angled lines.  I found myself making the same page again...and then had to figure out a way to change it up.  So I started layering and moving.  I so adore that floral paper from Echo is sweet and goes perfectly with Ella's Belle dress!  I used the beautiful April kit from My Scrapbook Nook!

This one is a little poser.  She never stays in the lines.  She sees it in her own way and wears it proud.  I love that about her.  Maybe my almost 5 year old can teach me something!

Random and interesting can became more of a way of life!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Do you dabble in other hobbies?  Or even with other techniques or approaches when you are being creative?  I will admit, I don't always.  I think I am a lazy scrapper sometimes.  But this past weekend, I dabbled in a bit of mixed media art.  Yep, gesso, acrylic paint, watercolors and mist.  It was fun to throw inhibition to the wind and just make an expression of something I am feeling.

I had a small canvas in my stash for a long time now and always had good intentions of using it.  But, the lazy thing happened.  Or, maybe I wasn't ready to let go of design principles and just make something.  Until now...

Here is what I created:

I started with a blank canvas and added a layer of gesso.  After allowing that to dry, I simply brushed on some sand and blue acrylic paint (using random strokes).  I added a spritz of blue and a spritz of green mist.  I knew I wanted to use the new Notations line from Teresa Collins.  This line was meant to be altered and used in a variety of ways.  I used green watercolor paints to alter a sheet of Calendar paper.  I also applied some distress ink in blue and yellow.  Then I cut out the individual "numeral" cards. 

I hand drew and cut the red heart and gave the insides a spray of red ink to make it pop.  The rest is as easy as layering pieces of the sheet paper and the calendar numbers.  When I applied the sheet music, I actually used a coat of Mod Podge to make it shiny.  Nothing like some Blingage wings to finish it off and symbolize my heart that is about to soar.

The cards have pop dots underneath for dimension. I love how layered and textured it is.

Supplies:  Teresa Collins Notations 12X12 papers (Calendar, Music), Notations kit Die-cuts, Matt's Wings Blingage

I wasn't sure I was artistic enough to make something like this.  But dabbling and exploration led me there!

I think it is about time to dabble in other things too!  How about you?  I would love to see what you are creating!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

At Home: Homemade Art

So I am in love with it has inspired me like nothing before!  Collecting images of homes that I love has pushed me to decorate in a different way.  I am not so concerned about every frame matching or how evenly spaced things are.  I am just going with my gut!

Here is a picture from Pinterest that I adore:

Love the vintage feel and the letters!  So this got me thinking!  I would love to go antiquing and find little treasures, but I don't have the resources or the time, right now.  But I can still achieve the look!  So here is what I did to replicate!

I was browsing in Walmart looking for fishing wire when I noticed the graphic mailbox numbers.  This sheet cost a buck 79.  I instantly saw art!

I bought some very inexpensive black frames to achieve my look.  To make my numerals art, I simply placed the mailbox numbers in order...after I inked them up a bit!  I backed them with a piece of scrapbook paper that matches my living room.

Then I made several other framed pieces of "vintage" art!  I framed keys from Teresa Collin's Blingage and old Making Memories paperclips.   Here are the elements of my vingette:

And the shelf they decorate!  I have shelves above my windows and they are cool design elements!  I mixed in some older books and glass bottles.  I also collected different letter M's from various craft stores and painted/distressed!  I love how it looks.  Well, all except for the paint color, which is changing in about a week!  That I will share soon!

My little shelf of treasures, all for only a few dollars!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

For The Record

For the Record, I love the new Echo Park Collection...the colors and patterns are pure, vintage fun!  Something about a beautiful floral paper, although I am sometimes worried about using it in large pieces.  The April kit from the Nook is featuring For the Record as well as Maya Road butterflies, ribbon, Petaloo flowers.  It is lovely...

Here is the first layout I have made...

Gotta love a collection that has a few solids.  I like to mix quiet patterns with busier ones.

Little love banner...because banners make me happy!

I have another layout almost done and plan to do several more with this beautiful kit!

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hi Again!

Ahhh...Thursday.  The allure of the weekend is pushing me through.  I can make it.  I can make it!

Wanted to stop by and say hello...and tell you about an awesome mid-season release from Teresa Collins!  Her Notations kit has been a huge hit this winter and after having so many fans ask, Teresa has designed the 12 X 12 version.  I just got it on Monday and the minute I opened my box, I was inspired.  I love the black, cream and white.  The papers are detailed enough, yet can be totally altered!  Here they are:

See that calendar page up top...I have big plans for that guy!  I think these papers work together beautifully...and I am so inspired to use them as the base with her other collections as well as the goodies in my stash!

Here is a page I created last night! 

I layered a few of the papers together!  I love how the scrolls and other artisan shapes along the sides act as natural borders under photos.  

I actually misted the newsprint paper with red ink and then punched some hearts.  I made my own garland, which I still, yes still, adore!  If you look, you will see that I cut some of the calendar blocks to act as a varied edge under my title.  This collection is pure fun!

So, do you want to win the whole collection!?  Head over to Teresa's blog and leave a comment to be eligible! 

Coming soon...a layout featuring Nathan.  LOL!  I have been on an Ella kick lately!

Happy Thursday!


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