Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to School Time

September is just about here! (Gosh, how time flies!) If it hasn't been back to school time, it will be this week. Right after you send your kids back or watch your family members start the year, head on over to The Nook and enroll in Nook University. Check out the details about this contest:

School starts at the Nook on September 7th! Are you enrolled?

Each week will feature a variety of subjects for which you will need to complete assignments to earn points toward graduation! All assignments will be graded by our faculty (otherwise called Design Team) on a curve, and at the end of the semester (otherwise known as Sept 28th) our Nook Valedictorian will become the October guest designer (complete with a lovely October kit!), and receive a $20 Nook gift certificate!

Competition will be steep, and students will have to study hard, stay on their toes and be ready to dive into assignments, extra credit and be on the look out for the always scary Pop Quizzes that are sure to surprise!

To enroll in the Nook University please add your name to this thread!! Tution is free.

So grab your back-to-school supplies and your enthusiam for learning and come join us! I will tell you that being a guest designer is worth every fun second! Leah knows how to put together a great kit! I am still creating with it. Here is another layout where I used mostly the kit and added some stuff of my own! Journaling reads: Journaling: As you look forward in life--do so with hope & wonder. Gaze out & imagine what life can be. i also want you to try to live in the moment. Be present. Instead of looking forward, look inward. Look upward. Hope & wonder...

Words we should all maybe remember...

Friday, August 29, 2008


It is Friday!!!! I am very excited--had a great first week at work, but I could use the break to regroup! Here is my other project for the Chatterbox Design Team call back. It makes me feel happy---mostly because I adore this photo! I took apart the lovely chipboard album they sent and made this wall hanging! I was thinking this morning how cool it was to have correspondence with Courtney Walsh. She is super sweet! I have read her articles in Memory Makers forever and always admired her work---wanted to be just like her someday! That was only 2 years ago. Now when I click to see my messages, there are emails from her (which I may keep forever! LOL!). Isn't it funny how life works! How things happen!

Anywho, have a fantastic Friday. Who is going to happy hour???

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh Well!

Oh well! Instead of being sad or disappointed about Chatterbox, I am going to channel the peaceful energy that is given off by this photo of my son on the beach! LOL! So no go for me with the Chatterbox team! It was a longshot with the amount of talent and the number of positions available for this kind of stuff. I am not knocking myself because I think I do have something to offer--I make nice stuff. But mostly, I work hard when I am committed to something and my enthusiasm is never-ending. To me, that means even more. Honestly, I am super happy where I am right now (although I would love a pub call soon...LOL!)--I adore the teams that I am a part of. So it is time to dig down into those roles, have fun, build my friendships and take some risks!! Thanks for the kind and supportive words from all of my friends---I have truly appreciated it!

Doesn't this layout just make you relax? My son just loved the beach! I used the Sept. kit from The Nook to create this. That kit goes on and on with possibilities. I still have soo much left of it too--so yeah! Speaking of The Nook, we are having a very fun contest over there beginning in September! I will post more details about it tomorrow, but click here if you can't wait that long!

PS--it is almost Sept 1 which means the new issue of ScrapStreet Magazine will be up! See there are great things to look forward to!

Monday, August 25, 2008

What Will be the Outcome?? Part 1

What Will Be the Outcome?? Part 2

Well, it seems that Chatterbox is close to making its decision about the design team. I am nervous, full of anticipation, and yet calm. Because, regardless of the outcome, my name was on that list of amazing ladies, all of whom I respect and admire. The whole experience has brought many smiles to my face. I used some of my wonderful products to create this mini album about my daughter. We often use the phrase, "Ella, you are too much." when we speak to her. She is quite the character. I wanted to make a book to document those traits that make her HER! She is beautiful, lively, unique, emotional, loving, and joyful.

I used one of the Artsylicious frames to create the cover. I just glued it to a piece of cardboard (that was made all pretty, of course) and punched a hole. I used other pieces of cardboard to create the pages of the book. Check out the beautiful Eclectique stuff---the chipboard embellishments rock. The Ruby Artsylicious stuff goes beautifully with it---ribbons, gems, felt flowers, buttons! Yummy. I love how it turned out. Mostly, I love that it documents who my daughter is!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some Cards...

So making cards was not really my favorite thing to do, scrappy-wise. But now I am really enjoying it! I think it is like all things new---you just have to jump in and get comfortable. This is a set of cards I made using the September kit from The Nook. Are these Pink Paislee papers just to-die-for?! I joined in over at Live Pink (the Pink Paislee site), posted some work, and my "Well-Worn" layout got me picked as the "Pretty in Pink" member of the week. Fun--go check it out!! There is soo much inspiration at that site! I am working on something special using one of their products, so stay tuned!

In other news, I go back to work on Monday! I adore my job and find much reward in what I do each day. But I love being home, being more relaxed. So now, I need to focus on being organized and keeping my stress level low. What do you think--can I do it!?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Soo Cool...

It is funny. Sometimes when I scrap something, it takes forever to figure the page out and other times, it just comes together. This layout just happened. I absolutely adore this photo of Ella and knew I wanted it to go on the blue/silver paper. This stuff is soo classy! Everything you see came in the September Kit from The Nook. I made the ribbon flower, which is much easier than you would ever think. I gave a tutorial over at The Nook about how to do this. If you are interested in making ribbon flowers, click here. The journaling sums up how I feel when I see this photo and when I witness my daughter. Journaling: Maybe it is those lashes, that button nose. Could it be how your hair frames you face? Perhaps it is those pudgy cheeks. I know. It is your positive spirit. It is what comes from the inside that gives you that certain something. It melts my heart. Your beauty!

By the way, this layout landed in the Top Ten by Votes over a 2 Peas. The first time that has happened to me. Cool, huh.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Look What's New!

Am I soo lucky? I got happy mail the other day! A big box from The Nook! Inside was the prettiest kit around. I must say that I am in love with Pink Paislee. The colors are just amazing. It is funny because they are fall colors but you soo don't need to use them just for fall layouts. I find them to also be masculine and classic. Also in the kit are beautiful goodies from Chatterbox (and we know how I feel about Chatterbox!). A never-ending supply! Here is my first layout using the September kit. Don't Steve and I look a bit tired in this picture---I have no make-up on at all! So the title "Well-worn" popped into my head. The journaling was born from there. Journaling: Well-worn means many things. When something has lost a little of its polish...It is scuffed up a bit, frayed around the edges. Not as new & shiny. Even--tired. But, well-worn also means familar. Comfortable. Something kept over time. It means well-loved. When I think of us--well-worn comes to mind. Both senses of the word. But mostly, the part about being loved.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Up for a Challenge?!

The new challenge is up over at So Tell Me Your Story! If you don't already know, the STMYS blog is designed to motivate you to scrap about yourself. You should join in and link your pages for a chance to win some RAK from Lucy! I am so happy to be a part of the team there and know that one day, my children and their children will appreciate that I did these challenges. We were asked to create a layout about our favorite 5 songs.

My journaling reads: For a song to mean something to me--the lyrics must move me, stir my heart. Good Enough by Sarah McLachlan: brings tears to my eyes, reminds me that I'm good enough. True Colors by Cindi Lauper: teaches acceptance. Come Away with Me & You'll be in my Heart (Norah Jones & Phil Collins) are from our wedding! Miracle--Celine Dion, corny I know but I think of you two. It must be music of the heart!

Hope to see your work soon!

Friday, August 15, 2008


It is that time of year when I am full of soo much anticipation. School is almost back in session, which means a new group of students and new opportunities. I am also full of anticipation about other things. Getting into a different routine at home, trying to exercise more. The Chatterbox design team decision will be here soon! I am nervous about my work appearing on the blog alongside all those talented ladies. I can just feel this time of transition---it is in the cooler air that speaks of fall. Times like the one in this layout will occur less frequently. I am sad about that, yet excited about the things to come!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chatterbox Heaven

So I mentioned how I got my huge box of Chatterbox goodies just before I left for vacation! Well, it had papers, stamps, chipboard, and letters! I completed my two assignments and then had some fun! This layout uses primarily the Ruby Artsylicious line: paper, chipboard, and brads. I added in some of the beautiful Eclectique chipboard embellishments. Some secrets? I cut one of the Artsylicious chipboard frames to make the photo corner. It adds some much dimension. Do you see that cute black chipboard border along the bottom? Yeah, that was from the chipboard letters packaging! How cool! I love this photo of my son--he almost looks like a baby, which he is so NOT! He is a strong almost-4-year-old! The journaling on this reads: You are intense, controlling, yet loyal & loving. You are who you are & I love you!

I am just putting the finishing touches on a mini album using the Chatterbox stuff! Be back soon to share!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're Back!

We had so much fun at the beach! Well, I more tolerated the beach because I am not the biggest "sea, sand & sun" fan! The sun and I are not friends, but I guess that is why they make umbrellas! My kids on the other hand loved the beach. They had so much fun hanging out with their cousin Christian! Look at the photo with the ketchup shirst. Auntie Titi bought those because Ella is just obsessed with ketchup--puts in on everything including bananas and blueberries. Yuck, we know! But aren't the t-shirts soo stinkin' cuter? Steve's family uses the saying, "We are building memories." I totally felt like we did that this week! I can't wait to scrap my photos to make sure they remember how enjoyable it was!

So now, only a few more weeks until school is back. It has been a great summer so far--time to hold on tight to the last few days!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm Off!

So I am off for a few days to a beach cottage! Can't wait to read a book! Of course, I will be scrapping a bit too because I got a huge box full of wonderful Chatterbox goodies this past Thursday. I should have taken a picture, but I dove right in! They were soo generous and I had a case of mojo-overdrive. I have already done 2 layouts and have almost finished a project (more than what my assignment is even!). I plan to play, have fun and then see what I love the best! I am literally just bringing some photos, basic tools and the box with me and I can scrap a ton! Assignments are due in just a few days and I am jazzed! Wish me luck!

Now will someone tell me what I am going to do without the computer for these days??


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