Tuesday, September 29, 2009



If so, then you came to the right place because a litte Sass will do that to you! I just received the Montrosity line and sooo adored playing with it!

After many days of Ella, it is now Nathan's turn to be in the spotlight. Do you ever feel like you scrap one of them more than the others? I just have to have faith that it will even out in the end.

My Nathan--almost five. Starting to read sight words and loving all things rhyming! The natural learning process is very cool to see. Being a special education teacher, my experience is more with children who struggle with that process. Observing Nathan just take off is a joy!

Here is the first layout! Lots of color, and shapes, and BAM!

Supplies: All Sassafras Montrosity!

Journaling: You may look like your father, but you have my personality. Especially first thing in the morning. So what if you're a tad bit cranky. I totally feel your pain. You don't bother anyone unless its time to get dressed or you need to answer a question. I know you don't want to be there, in that place. You just need a few minutes to shake off the crankers. It will get better as you get older. Either that or you will need an understanding roommate. Don't fret, no matter how hard they try, those morning monsters never steal your smile for too long.

Giggle: You know I can't resist a good theme!

I will share the second layout tomorrow or Thursday! Hope everyone has a great day today!

Head over to The Nook to see the prettiest kit on the face of the universe!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Officially Autumn

And I love it! We had the perfect day yesterday. It started off a bit cool, which was fine for our soccer practice. But then, sunshine and just enough warmth to make it comfortable. It was glorious...well, until Nathan and Ella refused to leave the playground. They both stomped off the other way when Steve and I said that it was time to go. Steve and I tried the "let's walk to the car without them trick", which was a complete failure.

Ack! So we got them and they both cried, lost privileges, etc...I will just remember the beautiful parts.

Today, it rains. I need a plan.

I don't know about you guys, but to me, the days and weeks are flying by. It is a bit scary how fast time is passing! I adore October though and know we have so much fun stuff ahead! Hence, my layout!

I am loving the layered scalloped look these days. It adds so much. All supplies are from Pink Paislee Amber Road. The tree is from their Spring Fling collection! Gotta love when things don't go out of style!

My October kit from The Nook is on the way---think Graphic 45 and the most stunning Prima ever! September went fast so be sure to get your October one before it is too late!

Off to formulate "Operation Keep the Kids Busy"!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


...this guy! We have been together for 10 years now, almost married for 6. Time flies, doesn't it. I can honestly say that I am more in love now than ever. My family unit means the world to me and I am focusing on making it stronger and stronger!

I adore Steve for many reasons. But he is the total opposite of what my type used to be. Back in the old days, I went for all-american football players. Steve loves music and being outdoorsy. It just goes to show that you don't always know what you are looking for and being open to possibilities might lead you to a place you never imagined. A place you are meant to be!

Here is a layout of Steve doing what he loves most: hiking. Give him a backpack and tent--he is all set!

Supplies: Earth Love paper and Elements tags by Cosmo Cricket, Alphabet by Scenic Route.

I love to watch him in his element. Observing someone you love do something they love is very satisfying!

Off to start the day!! Hope yours if full of love!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Blast of Color

...and a drive by posting! It is Monday---work, dance class, dinner, and Open House at Nathan's preschool. To keep me going, here is a blast of color using Paper Trunk papers!

These are in the September 2009 issue of ScrapStreet.com Magazine! Happy Monday--off to grab some coffee!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Decorating

In between soccer practice, looking for dance shoes and the boys going camping, I am hoping to pull out the fall decor and go nuts on the house. Steve and I were married in the fall in an old historic barn that we decorated ourselves. My in-laws, family and the bridal party got up early that Saturday and all helped out, hanging lights, putting up corn husks and laying out a ton of pumpkins. The barn went from old and bare to warm and gorgeous!

So, that means I have a ton of leftover decorations to work with! Bring on the orange! I think I love doing fall layouts as much as I love decorating my house! I wanted to share some more projects I made using the September kit from The Nook (which is totally sold out!).

An extremely simple layout from me! I love the transparent Pink Paislee borders! The photos are from a couple of years ago and make me realize how grown my kids are!

Some fall decor that will make it's way around the house. Well, except the apple cider donuts are gone. That was the best part of making this project!

Enjoy your weekend! I will be doing the same!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday ScrapStreet!

ScrapStreet and the magazine just turned 5 years old! It was born as an idea, a wish, a dream that came to fruition due to an extraordinary woman, Dora! I was lucky enough to stumble upon it two and a half years ago. Little did I know it would change my life. SS.com has brought me many friends, people who are always there to listen, support or nudge. It has brought many opportunities. I actually get to write about scrapbooking and journaling, being an author each month. The connections I have made in this industry are mostly due to ScrapStreet! So I am grateful that this dream has come true for all of us involved!

This layout is in the magazine this month because I had the chance to feature the challenge blog near and dear to my heart, Category Stories. I used October Afternoon for this one! Those little kids are super cute and I had fun using them!

I printed the photos of all the various Disney characters from online! The funny thing is that Nathan and Ella have suddenly shifted to loving Noggin, instead of Disney. What is next? Nickelodeon? Then MTV?

Make sure to check out the newest challenge at Category Stories. The winner this month will win a gorgeous September kit from Studio Calico.

Off to enjoy Wednesday!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Monday

I am starting the week off on a good note! I did a ton of fall cleaning yesterday and boy does it feel good to be organized! The Feng Shui is much better now! We are planning to move in about 9 months. That means real cleaning, real repairing, real organization. It is good motivation!

Back to work today for my first full week! I can make it--LOL!

I wanted to share a layout I just finished. I adore this picture of Ella. It is one of those special ones that I have held onto waiting for the just-right paper. Then the September kit from the Nook came along and I knew I had a match!

Supplies: (All from the Sept. Nook kit) Paper: Pink Paislee Amber Road; Flowers: Prima; Chipboard: Maya Road; Alphabet: American Crafts; Pearls: Prima

I cut the diamond shaped border right from the Apple Cider sheet of PP paper and decided to use it to hold my title! I just wonder how you put pages like this into an album--lots of dimension!

Well, off to start the week--hope it stays moving in the right direction...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Please, please

Please, please let me have time to scrap this weekend! It is a quiet weekend with no formal plans. So I think it can happen! Now I need the mojo to cooperate! I plan to do some blog visiting this weekend too!

Work is crazy! But, oh so rewarding. My kids are a blast to work with and when you are with students who have such significant needs, you really do learn to celebrate the little things. I had lots of little cheers and Woots this week--makes all the stress worth it!

Here is another Pink Paislee layout using the September kit from the Nook. I read over at the PP site that they are actually running out of this collection! There are some kits left over at the Nook so rush over and get one!

There is this great little mini album that comes in the kit! I cut one of my pages up to make this cool corner border! I also created the flowers with circles of different sizes!

Hope you get some scrappy time this weekend! I would love to know what line you are loving right now!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Time of Year

...brings back memories of being a high school cheerleading coach. We would spend Friday nights under the lights of the football fied. The band playing, trying to motivate the crowd. I took it seriously, so did those girls. Did you know that my squad went to the UCA High School National Cheerleading Championship? The one they show on ESPN...yep, we were there on that floor! I love coaching, loved instilling that pride to do your best and work as hard as you could. They were good. But it wasn't the stunting or the cheers that made me happiest. It was those girls! Learning and growing with them...it really was one of the coolest times of my life. They still all call me Coach, which is so funny to me. Hmmm....I feel a page coming on!

This time of year also reminds me of my wedding! We had a clear, crisp day! Perfect for the season. I just adore fall!

I have been playing with the September Kit from My Scrapbook Nook and it is gorgeous! Pink Paislee Amber Road---I could build my wardrobe with those colors! So here is my first layout. Yes, I realize it is not a fall layout (actually my daughter is wearing a bathing suit), but that's okay!

She is a trip! The jagged border on the bottom was a total accident! Gotta love it when it turns out okay!

This time of year also brings many of our birthdays--Steve, Nathan, me, Sue (SIL), my sisters--it gets nuts! And of course, it brings back to school. My transition is going well--I have no energy to scrap at night, but I will adjust! I haven't been able to bloghop and visit my friends as much so if I haven't gotten to you, I apologize. I will...

Another favorite of this time of year!? Sleeping with the windows open! Nightie, night (and I hope I will dream up a layout using the title "this time of year"...LOL!)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Last one...for now

Here is my last Fancy Pants summer/water layout! I really do always fail to scrap our adventures as well as our holiday events. So I focused on summer for a few days--printed all my photos, pulled the papers and did several! Sad thing is that I have a few more to do! Giggle, I'll never run short on ideas!

Supplies: Paper: Fancy Pants On a Whimsy; Butterfly: Little Yellow Bicycle, Alpabet: AC Nutmeg, Pink Paislee, Other: Buttons

I have been scrapping a bunch this weekend because Tuesday brings school! I have 4 layouts done with my September Nook kit so be on the lookout! The Pink Paislee Amber Road line is stunning...more on that soon!

Off to a cookout for to celebrate Steve's birthday! Hmmm, wonder if I will actually scrap the photos for that?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fancy Pants

I has always been a Fancy Pants fan and using the Summer Soiree and On a Whimsy line has only confirmed that fact! The patterns and colors are just awesome! I enjoy a good theme layout where you can really run with it. Like surfing in the ocean or riding a bike!

During our week at the beach, Ella and Nathan adored the ocean. The little waves were perfect. All the kids, including cousin Christian, loved wearing tubes. Nathan wore one to see how far he could out and still be able to touch the bottom. Hence, the lifejackets. Christian loved to spin in his and practice treading water. Ella used her's at a surfboard, riding the waves! All of her gear and her pig tales made for some cute pictures!

Supplies: Paper: Fancy Pants Summer Soiree, Alphabet: American Crafts (older), Flower: Making Memories

I cut the small waves from one of the journaling cards and then made some more of my own! I distressed the edges of the blue paper to make it look like gentle rolling waves! This one was fun to make!

I have a question for ya! If you use smaller pictures, what size do you generally make them? I am curious!

Hope you have a great Sunday!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun with Water (and Paper)

Well, not together...not exactly. I have been busy scrapping all of our water pictures from the summer! Think pools, sprinkler parks, the ocean! I have so many and sometimes forget to scrap them (like the holidays!). So that has been my mission.

Good summer pictures deserve a great summer paper line! I really used three different ones this past weeek: Cosmo's Snorkel and Fancy Pants Summer Soiree & On a Whimsy! This layout actually combines the two lines!

Nathan and Ella had so much fun with water squirters at the beach this year! Kept them busy for a while. I wanted to recreate the feel so made the shooting water come from the circle opening!

Supplies: Paper: Cosmo Cricket Snorkel, Fancy Pants On a Whimsy; Rub-on: Fancy Pants; Black Alphabet: Pink Paislee, Blue Alpha: American Crafts Poolside; Sun: My Mind's Eye

Journaling: Um, try not to look like you're having so much fun. I know you get annoyed at times, but she's your sis. Hide your satisfaction!

I want to mention that my friend, Leah, is having a fab giveaway on her blog! Think about the hottest trend in scrapbooking right now--yep, she is giving away copic markers! Check it out!

Long weekend ahead! Whew, do we need it! No water play in the plans, but BBQ's here we come!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Way It Is

Looking around my scraproom, I see the sign of times to come! I have three unfinished layouts sitting in front of me. Each one just needs a little something. All ideas that are in my brain. I just can't get to it now that work is back in my life. And I have to accept that it is okay! Life is about priorities now. School, family, kids, work, scrap. I will still do plenty of it. But I will also have nights where I can't fit it in.

"I'll be okay with it, really." (What, I am not trying to convince myself of anything!)

Here is a recent layout I finished. You know before life went and got all real again! This one came together quickly! I love the Do Not Disturb sign from OA and knew immediately that I had to use it on a page about my dear Ella.

See, she talks constantly, loudly, endlessly. Sometimes, only sometimes, I wish there was an off button or I wish I had an IPOD!

Supplies: All from the August The Nook kit--Paper and all goodies from October Afternoon, Alphabet: American Crafts Nutmeg

Journaling: 99% of the time, we love listening to your cute, little voice. BUT, sometimes the constant singing, asking and chanting add up! How about playing the quiet game for a second.

Hope she doesn't get mad at me someday. But I had to make it! LOL!

Make sure you head over to the September issue of ScrapStreet.com Magazine. Wow! I was blown away!

And, check out the September kit from My Scrapbook Nook.

Are you just in awe! I will find time, I will find time!


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