Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thank God for Friends

I find it harder and harder to have friendships the older I get. It really is just about having enough time to give to all aspects of life. Girlfriends are sometimes left behind when we grow up, find our mates and start families. The funny thing is that we need our girlfriends the most at that point in life. Friends keep it real, give an outlet and make you feel like you. I have many friends, but very few really good friends. Two of them, Marcia and Tina, live down in the southern part of the state so unfortunately we don't see each other much. I moved away from my hometown a long time ago so making new friends was important. Many of these friends were people I worked with.

About six years ago, five of us girls (three teachers, an Occupational Therapist, a Speech/Language Pathologist) found ourselves working together during the summer program for special needs students. We had a blast together and decided to have a craft night. Don't we always talk about doing this kind of stuff, but can never make it work with schedules? Well, we did make it work. We brought our glue guns, cardstock and stamps. We didn't make one thing. But we did laugh. And every month, minus 5 or 6 of them, for the past six years we have had a Girl's Night or GN as we like to call it. We usually have dinner at one house and everyone brings a part of the meal. It has become a necessary and special part of my life. The journaling on this layout reads: What started out as a craft night has turned into so much more. I can't imagine life without you girls. We laugh, cry, argue & reflect with each other. Those moments help keep me sane. You girls have gotten me through the best & worst of times. I know that I can truly be myself with I'm with you. Here's to once a month for the past six years and to many more years to come! Maybe we'll actually do crafts one of these days!

Love ya Sue, Jenn, Karen & Emily!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008


So excited that I can finally share this layout! It was recently published in the Reader's Idea Gallery of the May/June issue of Memory Makers. How cool is that!? I have been reading MM for a long time now and always imagined seeing one of my layouts in there. I wasn't sure it would actually happen ever, but thought no harm in trying. I have had some luck with them recently and am honored to be a small part of their magazine. I adore this picture of Ella and me because it truly captures a moment between us. I did not know the picture was being taken. She was screaming at a family picnic so I took her around the side of the shed to rock her. Journaling read: Always remember "Mommy kisses", rocking and hushing, all meant to soothe our sweet baby Ella.

Yep, she cried. A lot. I actually gave up dairy products for 5 weeks while I was nursing. Now that I know Ella a little better, I realize she was never really allergic to milk products. She was just being her--letting us know what she wanted and being relentless about getting it. Ha!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Since We Are On the Subject...

I might as well share all my Halloween layouts! This is a super simple, clean-lined one that I did. I really wanted the photo to pop because I think it is super cute! I used tags to add some detail by covered them with patterned paper and tying ribbon through one. Each Halloween, we try to dress Nathan and Ella as well as my nephew Christian alike each Halloween! We will see how long they go for that! I created these for the Halloween calls that were out recently, but none got picked up. My heart totally wasn't into it though and I seem to be having a hard time scrapping events. I better have a change of mind because I sure do have a bunch of fall and Christmas paper! LOL!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sensitive Child!

So I am posting a Halloween layout in May. I realize that seems silly, but just did a bunch of fall ones for the mag calls. Publishing time is 6 months away from real time. Anyhow, I love this one because of the photo--how perfect to catch Nathan with that look on his face. He has some sensory issues (like someone else--I know). Screams like he is in pain when having his head touched, fusses with tags, doesn't like new textures with foods--things like that. Well, you can imagine how he felt in that costume. In his defense, the hat on that thing was huge and like 20 pounds heavy. He did not keep it on long and I could not get a good photo. Note to self, do not get costumes with funny heads for next year. HaHa!

Did I mention how much I love two things right now? Journaling tags--cannot get enough of them. Although, I never actually use them to journal on! And ledger paper. So perfect for journaling on...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Reality Therapy

So I scrapbook to capture all the fun and sentimental moments in life. Most of my pages communicate how happy I am and how blessed I feel. But I also believe that scrapbooking can be an outlet. A way to explore my feelings. I think we should scrap about our fears, our disappointments, and our moments of sadness. Let's keep in real. I created this layout after being inspired by the Creative Therapy Catalyst #10. The prompt was to create something about someone you miss. I scrapped about Steve and I-the couple we were before we had kids. The journaling speaks for itself.

It reads: Sometimes I really miss the carefree me & you, how we were before kids. I love those babies more than life itself & know that they are the product of our love for each other. I wouldn't trade being their parents. But I do miss how easy it was between us before our life became stressful & demanding. We give so much to them that we sometimes don't have much for each other. I miss long hikes & going on vacation, random naps on the weekend on the couch. That feeling that I can sense you anywhere. I've been thinking & just wanted to say that I really love you & the life, the amazing life, we've made. But sometimes I miss just you & me-"us". Sometimes...

Does anyone else feel this way too sometimes?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Holiday Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It is going to be a busy one, but hopefully I will get in some scrapping. I did this layout, which is actually my second one, for the Color Combo challenge. When I won the Webster's Pages paper, I loved it but was also overwhelmed because it is busy. It is perfect for the color combo challenge though, so I gave it another look. I realized that if I took it in smaller pieces and cut it a bit, it is just great. So here is a layout about Ella. I have wanted to use a crown for some time now, but didn't have the right photo. This fits. Jouranling reads: Your middle name should be drama queen. You know how to pour it on. I realize that you're doing it for attention. Still, I smile every time and have a hard time resisting you. So you get love & hugs. Exactly what you wanted.

By the way, I never shared that my bio and photo are up at Magazine. I am so excited to be a part of this publication. My first feature will be in the June issue, which debuts next month. I am just about to hand it my first fixture, otherwise known as regular montly article on journaling which makes it debut in July!! Woo Hoo! Be sure to check it out!<

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Poor Nathan!

Poor Nathan has strep throat! He had a fever for three days and just wasn't right. At least we know what it is and are treating it! I have to say that even when he is sick, he is still crazy! Ran around, screaming and having a blast all weekend! This is one of the pictures from Mother's Day that I love. I used the colors from JanetB's Color Combos Galore, but added in the green too! I also used a sketch from Pencil Lines. I don't usually use sketches--I try to be cool and do it all myself. HaHa! I have to say that you can use the sketch as a jumping off point, but still make it yours. I don't think I would have layered quite this much without it. Still lovin' the Pink Paislee and feel like a little goes a long way!!! It is one of those lines I will use until every last scrap is gone!

This layout documents a daily ritual Nathan and I have. Journaling reads: We play this little game where I say, "I love you." You say it back and then I reply, "I love you more." We start competing to see who can say it the most, adding kisses and hugs into the mix. We giggle and rub noses. Then, one day you ran up to me, threw your arms around my neck & announced, "I love you more!" I nearly melted. I will always adore you & will play this game until you force me to stop. But there's one thing you should know-I'll always win because I love you more!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I have talked many times in the recent past about how my two dear, sweet kids are fighting a lot. Well, now I have the pictures to prove it! Check out the scratches on their faces. I do cut their nails regularly, although you wouldn't think it based upon this picture! I feel like a referee a lot these days.

I am home from work today-Nathan has had a fever all weekend. Hoping today is the last of it. I feel so bad when they are sick. He gets extra clingy! Oh, well. Some things you can't control (did I just admit that? I might admit it, but I won't accept it easily!).

Friday, May 16, 2008

Terrible Twos!

The terrible twos have struck in our house. Of course, we are also in the midst of the horrible threes. Ella is soo into saying No! all the time. Every thing is a battle. We have this little thing where she tries to get my attention by being sad or mad. I had to do a layout about it. I used the Webster's Pages that I won from A Million Memories. The papers are quite busy so i just cut small strips or handcut the flowers. I got these Primas at Michael's, which was a great find! Journaling reads: We do this dance-you & me. You pout, act angry or sad. I try to make you laugh. We go back and forth. You then want to give me hugs. You place your head down on my shoulder. I rock you. Daddy caught the whole thing on film. Don't you look so satisfied. Like I am wrapped around your finger. Well, maybe...

I am a tad wrapped. She just looks at me with that face. Nathan has been Mama's boy lately too! Only 28 days left of school and then I am off for the summer. Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Funny Little Habits

We all have funny little habits and quirks. I have many of them and since Nathan is so much like me, temperment wise, he has them too. Ever since he first picked up a sippy cup, he was a sideways sipper. He puts the spout all the way to the right side of his mouth, turns his lips, and just chugs. Back then he would lift his pinky finger up too, which was a riot! Can't say he actually sips either. It is more like this huge set of swigs where he consumes half of his contents at one time. He cracks me up everyday! I am going to try hard to not only do the traditional holiday, birthday, events layouts, but also remember to capture these moments and funny little habits!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

It was a great Mother's Day. The perfect balance between time with my babes and time off to celebrate all the hard work I do! Steven was the perfect husband and really spoiled me! Saturday, we went to the playscape at my school. Nathan came running over to me to give me a flower and, of course, Ella followed! This handful of flowers (weeds, really) was the best present because it came right from them. On Sunday, I got to sleep in and it was wonderful. Breakfast at Nana's, scrapbooking at naptime, time to organize all my stuff before dinner and then take-out. It was nice not to be THE go-to-person for the day. Tomorrow, it will return back, but its okay. I have those two loves giving me smiles, 'tude, kisses and joy!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Guilty Pleasure=

=extra pounds. Gosh, I can't get enough chocolate these days and think I have become a stress eater. I have developed this really bad habit of eating Raisinets every time I scrap. I just grab a handful, but it all adds up. Especially since I scrap a lot. My guilty pleasures: candy and ice cream. Oh, and watching reality T.V. I hate to admit that I am the biggest fan of shows like Top Chef, Big Brother and The Hills. I know I should grow up and stop watching MTV, but I just love L.C. and her crew. Did I mention that I eat Raisinets during that too!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Babies No More...

Well, it happened. I no longer have "babies". This morning when I dropped Nathan off at Nana's house, it struck me how grown his is, between his conversational skills and his height. Much to my dismay, Ella developed an interest in my lipstick. I found her like this the other day. She disappeared for a few minutes and it was way too quiet. When I discovered her, she had lipstick all over herself. "Mommy, I beautiful.", she announced. I have to admit that I ran for my camera before I ran for the washcloth. I was lucky enough to get these photos.

For National Scrapbooking Day this past weekend, ScrapStreet hosted a big crop. I had to come up with a challenge and dared people to discover their inner material girl. Madonna seems to have made yet another comeback so I wanted to use her very many looks as an inspiration. I created this using elements of her early looks (think right back to Like a Virgin). The black circles represent those black, rubber bracelets. I incorporated the lace to go with that famous dress. The criss-cross ribbon idea came from the memory of those lace-up boots. I thought the whole theme would be perfect for the pics of my little material girl. Oh La La!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Oh, my dear son! The definition for hyper is high-strung, excitable and extremely active. Yep, all that describes Nathan. So I had the kids all weekend with no Steve around (I appreciate him much more now!). It was fine and we had fun. I realized this morning that Nathan never stops. He is constantly talking, asking questions, running, jumping (and as he is jumping, he announces, "I'm jumping! I'm jumping"). He is exhausting. He is also wonderful and a breath of fresh air! This layout is about his laugh. Just look at that pic and it sums it all up! He loves life.

Journaling: You have one of those laughs. A booming one that comes from your belly. You drop your mouth open big & wide and just roar. Gosh, its hard not to join in with you. You laugh every day, love slapstick actions, and enjoy being silly. We can't help but to feel happy & cheerful when you're around!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Single! Well, for this Weekend...

So, Steve is camping with the guys this weekend. I am single, for a few days. Can you believe that he would go away on National Scrapbooking Day? I am going to try to squeeze in as much scrapping as possible, but the two wild ones are running around...This is a layout that I made for the HOF contest. It was for the assignment on color. The challenge was to use color to convey an emotion or mood. It is pretty obvious here that I used red and pink! The journaling here is pretty raw. I think I learned a long time ago to shatter all the illusions of marriage and be real about it. It took some tough lessons to get me there, but I got it. So Steve & I try to live in the moment and the reality of things. It would be unrealistic to have all soap opera layouts of the two of us. This one is an honest look at us! And in the end, it is about how much we love each other.

Journaling: On my way home from work one day, I saw your truck on the road ahead of me. Thinking of you, I got that goofy smile-it was such a natural reaction. It is a moment that I remember often. I am fully aware that our relationship has its flaws. Our negative and recurring dynamic repeats itself & we have rough times. Yet, I still get that smile & take comfort in the fact you still get it too. As long as we have that, we have love!

By the way, ScrapStreet is holding their NSD activities all weekend. There will be great prizes and awesome challenges. My first challenge for them will be posted for tonight! Come and check it out!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ella-Two Years Old

Gosh, I could just eat her up! Here is the birthday girl! I just got these pictures processed and can't wait to scrapbook them. I need to work on my first responsibility for ScrapStreet-creating for the Showroom. Steve is going camping so scrapping here I come! Don't be surprised to see on of these pictures on a layout in the June issue of the mag. How can I resist!


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